Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Conservative Immigration Minister And His Asylum

"And this, this is the Conservative Asylum of Canada; from wall to wall to wall."


Asylum, it's a word that conjures up images of a destitute dilapidated building on the outskirts of town, perched on some barren rigid hill face, housing those who are no longer sane, housing those who can no longer look after themselves. The old vine covered walls protecting society from the institution's inhabitants.

Recently with the arrival of 76 Sri Lankans on the coast of BC Canada, asylum has been used in its broadest meaning; asylum as sanctuary. Canada for decades has had the honourable tradition and duty of protecting those who are in danger from unjust foreign threats, like genocide and discrimination. Our lady Red and White has granted asylum to those who in danger flee to her; providing safety in an unsafe world.

However, as of late this ideal has been banded; arms restrained by her side, our country is being led to treat those who seek our help, our aid, our safety, as criminals. The lady Red and White, made blue by the flagrant abuse of our Conservative government.

Jason Kenney the Minister of Immigration instead of offering sanctuary to these men in danger, has instead labelled them as illegal immigrants and is treating them as such. His actions are done with the full knowledge that there's nothing illegal about them, for under Canadian and international law asylum seekers can arrive without notice and ask for our help. They are not criminals, nor have they done anything wrong. Our Conservative government has closed our country's arms to these men, but it has opened its own arms to the American pejorative ideal of anti-immigration.

Nowhere is the term illegal immigrant more prevalent then in the country of the stars and stripes. The Conservatives in importing the term are changing our country, altering it to be more like the red, white, and blue, even if they have to abuse it to add a shade.

In the antiquated image of a worn down mental institution, the asylum's forbearing walls protect society from those who can't look after themselves. This understanding of the term asylum might yet be relevant in this most recent context. For as we are Canadians, for as we are people, we are members of humanity, by our Conservative government rejecting to provide aid to fellow men, it’s clear we can't look after ourselves. And this, this is the Conservative Asylum of Canada; from wall to wall to wall.


Tomm said...

Are you serious?

76 Tamil Sri Lankan men arrive on a boat with the intention of slipping into Canada.

They have paid many thousands of dollars to get here.

Two high ranking representatives of the Canadian Tamil Congress, a known money laundering front for the Tamil Tigers show up to plea for clemency.

I think the chance of these men being Tamil Tigers and on the run from their country is very high.

And you want us to open our arms to 76 potential terrorists to join a Tamil diaspora that has just lifted off the yoke of an LTTE mafia.

Give your head a shake.

rockfish said...

If they apply for asylum they have the right to have the merits of their claim investigated and processed... Now the CONs are in a sticky spot - do they want to really break through in toronto, where many tamil sr lankans reside, or will they remain adamant to the Reformer roots, which is to kick out people whom haven't gone through their (CONs) own filtering process. Refugees in general need a home - not all cases are equal. There is no coincidence that these people have washed up now and the Tamil government has 'won' its battle with the insurgent Tigers. Is the Tamil gov't 'purging' areas that were once out of their reach? Are these people with verifiable fears, or just people who are looking for a harbour in the storm before returning to fight again? All these questions have to be asked, but its convenient of people like Tomm to invoke loaded terms like 'paid thousands' and 'money laundering' when there is nothing to base it on. Even if they paid 'thousands' it is all part and parcel of that lovely thing called free enterprise; like offering a $1million life insurance policy to a dying man, the businessmen take on people with cash or long promisary notes. There could be huge strings attached to their ever finding freedom. Rushing to judgement is what makes me wonder why you don't move to the US.

thescottross.blogspot.com said...


In Canada our system of government requires reason and evidence. You have presented none.

You have no proof of they were planning on just "slipping into Canada." The reason why they came without notice is because once in the country they have a greater chance of having their asylum plea heard.

Yes they paid thousands to get here, so does any person wishing to come to Canada, from immigrants to other asylum seekers.

As for your allegation that they're tamil tigers, which is based purely on your opinion of a good chance, I certainly hope you do not have a job with any decision-making ability.

In Canada our system of government requires reason and evidence. You have presented none.

Tomm said...

rockfish & thescottross;

The 76 men are being investiaged. They NEED to be investigated. Do you suggest differently?

Where did they get such large sums of money? There are reports of tens of thousands of dollars per man. That is a lot of money for a Sri Lankan refugee to come up with. How did 76 raise that kind of money all at the same time? Don't you think this should be investigated?

The Canadian Tamil Congress has a clear compelling and repeated history of pro-Tiger actions and deeds. They were investigated for money laundering. I do not know whether charges were laid or convictions obtained. Do you?

I found many websites that link the LTTE with the CTC. I do not know if it is authoritative, but it is certainly eye opening.

I reiterate that with what I know and what was reported in the Globe & Mail that there is a liklihood of blood money paid to sneak Tamil Tiger's into Canada.

How can you doubt this?

I have not "rushed to judgement". I rushed to comment on a blog poster who appears to have rushed to judgement that the Federal Minister of Immigration is being too hard on these refugee claimants.

I am not suggesting we don't process their claims. I do suggest that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck we shouldn't be surprised if it actually is a duck. Further, if it is a duck, letting this duck into the country could be a very big mistake.

thescottross.blogspot.com said...

Tomm: I never said Jason Kenney was being too hard on these asylum seekers, I said he was abusing our very country in calling their actions illegal and likening them to illegal immigrants.

I do no think any investigation shouuld take place on whether they're terrorists because their Tamils. If in their routine refugee hearing there is evidence to suggest they are then proceed to investigate if they're terrorists.

You may speculate and opine all you wish Tomm, but Tamil does not equal terrorist.

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