Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Criticize Liberals

I’ve had the occasion recently to run in with a kid of an old friend of mine, he’s just a young student at university who I haven’t seen in ages. We got to talking and he brought up how much he was dismayed that the media and even ordinary Canadians were becoming increasingly critical, not of their government, not of the party in power but instead critical of the Liberal Party that’s in opposition. He just didn’t get why people weren’t more concerned with the Conservative politicians who are actually running the government than with the opposition politicians who are holding them accountable.

When I heard this I immediately smiled at his naivety, recalling back to when I was his age and was ignorant of how politics worked. I had a few minutes before Oprah so I sat him down. I told him that in a democracy all governments have to be scrutinized, that’s true, otherwise you get a government allocating most of its funds to their MPs ridings and using Canadian taxpayer money like their own party’s chequing account.

I saw his questioning glance and said, “Now in Canada it is the job of Canadians and journalists to hold their government accountable, it just happens that in criticizing the Liberals, we’re making sure we have the best way of doing that. “

“You see,” I told him, “in spending all of our time not focused on what our Conservative government is doing and instead talking about and writing articles about what’s happening with Denis Coderre in the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party and Liberal polling numbers, we’re really holding the Liberals’ feet to the fire. With the media and Canadians watching the Liberals so closely, it only stands to reason they will provide a more effective opposition. They’re sure to do a better job making sure our Conservative government doesn’t screw up like causing a recession or worsening some international military quagmire in a small Middle Eastern country.”

At this point I could tell that this young man just wasn’t getting it at all. So I said, “Look we need to scrutinize the Liberals so they will do a better job holding our government accountable; if we don’t make sure the Liberals are constantly criticized, how else can we be sure they’ll do our job?” When I asked this I knew I had wasted my time and that he was a lost cause, because he just looked at me and said, “Because we’ll do our job for them.”


CanadianSense said...

Why criticize a party that is lacking situtational awareness?

You believe by repeating or exaggerating a small detail in a story over and over it will stick.

You believe the LPC communication team is doing a great job and repeatin it makes sense.

You dismiss studies and Polls when they refute your narrative.

It is much easier to to lack any substance and do any serious work in rebuilding the voting blocks that have left.

The downward direction, trend of support is not finished for the Liberal Party's behaviour.

The illusion that the Liberal Party is the "default" position for Canadians reinforces the meme of a quick return, change a leader don't talk policy.

Best of luck in sliding further to earn the Fringe Party status with over 75% voting for other political parties.

It won't be long hitting another low in popular support. said...

Next time you throw together a comment, could you explain how polls refute "my narrative"?

Could you also explain why you put "default" in quotation marks when I never said it.

But you should keep doing your duty and criticize a party not in power. Who cares that its the Conservatives who are in government. When has a political party in power ever done something wrong.

CanadianSense said...

Scott I am taxpayer currently voting for the CPC who left the LPC after GST flip.

Many voters continue to leave the Liberal Party for various reasons.

Changing leaders, insisting the government, civil servants is


without proof is not working.

Take a look at Lib blogs 15-20 active bloggers like you left?

Same active bloggers making multiple posts to generate a "mass" that does not exist.

20-25 posts a day from Lib blogs

An observation.

Liberals are not the default choice of voters, and that realization has NOT hit home yet.

Scott by all means parrot the wonderful strategy and talking points from the LPC.

Don't ask why voters are tuning out the Liberal Party.

It is much easier to blame the mistakes of your party, lack of effort from your party on the current government.

My mistake for suggesting we voters are NOT default Liberal voters. said...

Okay so the "default" you put in quotation marks in that first comment, that was quoting yourself?

And hey I agree with you. Keep railing against the Liberals, they're the ones with all the power.

Democracies are awesome when people only question those parties who aren't in government.

Who needs to ask what the government is doing? They can keep sending Canadians to die in Afghanistan. They can keep causing not just billions in deficit but generating all that future interest. They can keep handing out patronage contracts.

Who are we to make sure our government is doing its job, especially when we're too busy looking at the Liberals

CanadianSense said...

Scott you assume us who voted for the CPC support 100% of what they do.

I can list several policies and mistakes that many voters of the CPC don't agree with.

1)GM bailout
2)Corp bailout extended
3)Size and Speed of EAP

Scott instead of offering an alternative the Liberals voted in favour of 1-3 and demanded more and faster.

Scott please explain I keep looking for the Liberal policy, platform where they would have spent less or been more careful with taxpayers money.

I hear Liberals are really upset about $ 60 million in advertising.

Joined the Bloc and NDP to protect the political welfare subsidy.

Want to spend Billions on Daycare, transfer to investors of companies for Green McJobs for windmills, smart grids, hispeed choo-choo.

I don't have a real number because Liberals think we adults are too stupid to have any adult conversation.

They mimic the CPC by promising not to raise taxes but add Billions in Red Promises.

Did I miss something?