Monday, December 28, 2009

How Do The Tories Control The Message? Leak It To Taber

The Tory Senate always has room for one more.

After Mike Duffy lied and aired damning private footage of Stephane Dion, the CTV host was appointed to the Senate by our Conservative government. As it is the olympic season, his former co-host Jane Taber is now picking up the torch. For how else can one explain the latest post in the Globe and Mail that instead of offering news or even an opinion about news, puts Tory attacks in print.

The headline, "PMO mocks Ignatieff in internal email," is meant to convey that here in the pages of the Globe and Mail lies a news story, that something has happened that Canadians should be made aware of. However one just needs an elementry understanding of Canadian federalism to understand this is not news, this is political partisanship in the third estate.

The Office of the Prime Minister is a partisan entity, there is no surprise therefore that such an email from the PMO attacking Michael Ignatieff exists; it would be newsworthy if there wasn't.

Jane Taber in writing this piece made clear her political affiliation. For it is not news that the PMO is partisan; it was created for that purpose, it has functioned for that purpose, and it will continue to fulfill that purpose until Canada no longer stands.

Jane Taber's article gives the Conservative email a far wider audience then it could have obtained otherwise; and where before it was just among other Tory partisan hacks, the Conservative email attacking Michael Ignatieff is now before the Canadian public, contributing to the mass and pervasive attack ads already in currency.

Where the Conservatives have varied their attacks in the past and paid handsomely, none have been so cost effective as this done by the hands of one Jane Taber.

And one can only imagine, in what dark and pallid office or corridor did Jane nod in understanding when she heard the echoeing of one familiar phrase, 'The Tory Senate always has room for one more.'


Tomm said...


This post is about trashing Harper. Pretty much every post is about trashing Harper.

Don't you have anything positive to present. How does the LPC expect to gain new members?

And everybody at Liblogs parrots statements about the Harper propaganda machine. Look in the mirror.

Jymn Parrett said...

Tomm, the media falls over in panty-wasted lust over Harper. Can't a blogger or two point out the obvious about the man?

Tomm said...


Sure can, fill your boots. But it just gets so tiresome.

Someone in the PMO gets a chuckle out of how Ignatieff answers a question. It clearly wasn't the big man himself. The media picks up on it, and all of a sudden, another reason to slag the PM presents itself. It is just so lame.

Harper gave Christmas interviews, comment on those. That is a lot more direct.

But even better, have something positive to say about a different brand. The LPC has got to have positive messages for Canadians. What are they? Get us excited about what they bring to the table.

Backing up a touch. I wouldn't say the media likes Harper. The media abhores him and his party. The MSM sees them as barbarian's and is frustrated by their inability to get anything to stick.

Look at the Colvin fiasco. The media feverishly pounded the drum and will continue to. Why? Because it has the chance to slag Harper and his political mates. Nobody is torturing anyone. There is not a thread of anything that implicates Canada in torture, but because the CPC was too slow in correcting the standard procedure from the previous government (it took them 18 months), the media sees the chance of blood letting. Copenhagen... remember the MSM coverage of the Fossil Awards but not Prentice's daily press conferences? Read the Hill Times, The T Star, or the G&M. No, the media doesn't like these guys.

Gayle said...


The post was about how the PMO uses a willing Taber to get their talking points out.

I am so sorry you find posts slagging Harper "tiresome". You are welcome to spend your time reading "The Best of Taber" instead.

Woman at Mile 0 said...

No such thing as the best of Taber. It's all utter garbage. said...

Tomm I made no mention of Stephen Harper and no direct implication of Stephen Harper could be drawn from the words I typed. I find it odd you made such an inference.

I should add however though his name and involvement in any like matter was absent, I do beleive the Prime Minister to be dishonouring the office he holds by his display of partisanship far and beyond the regular norm.

Patrick Ross said...

A few points. I'll get the unimportant ones out of the way first.

First off, Mike Duffy wasn't the one who aired the Dion footage you speak of. It was CTV's Atlantic outlet. Secondly, that was not "private footage". It was obtained in the course of a journalistic interview, and is the property of the outlet in question.

You don't have to like what the station in question did with its footage. I've been extremely untroubled by the entire matter. I think the release of the footage was actually in the public interest. (Canadians have a right to know if a prospective Prime Minister is not only functionally unilingual, but is functionally illiterate in the country's language of majority.)

That being said, Ignatieff's inability to answer this question actually stems back to the extent to which the Conservative Party's attack ads have rattled him.

It seems that after the "Just in it for himself" ads (which, by the way, are actually entirely objectionable), Ignatieff can't afford to be heard saying he wants to become Prime Minister. If he says something like that, he'll be treated as if he only wants the job for himself, for his own purposes.

That's poison for a leader whose citizenship and patriotism has been impugned (in this case, entirely wrongfully).

We've always known that ugly politics works. Ignatieff couldn't possibly be immune.

Gayle said...

"First off, Mike Duffy wasn't the one who aired the Dion footage you speak of. It was CTV's Atlantic outlet."

Actually, he did air it again on his show. That was one of the reasons he was censured and CTV was forced to apologize during Power Play as well as on the national news.

Patrick Ross said...

Yes, Duffy did air the footage again.

The key word being "again".

The other part that you decline to mention is that he aired portions of the footage (not in full) before a panel discussion on the subject.

Big differences, wouldn't you say?

Gayle said...

Actually, I would say they are absolutely meaningless distinctions.