Monday, December 28, 2009

A Religious Argument In Support of Abortion

If there are those who oppose abortion based on theological foundations drawn from western religions, this holiday season perhaps offers an argument to the contrary.

For where abortion is seen as the killing or cessation of life of an unborn person, it must then be understood then that life enters the womb at some early stage of pregnancy, if not at conception. Indeed the Catholic Church holds this position that life begins at that moment where the sperm fuses with the ovum. And though such a position is widely held among strong adherents of western religions, Christmas and its celebration are central to an argument to counter.

Where if life begins at conception, why is the largest Christian festival in December and not March? Why is it that we celebrate Jesus entering the world on December 25th when he had by the previous assumption been here for 9 months? One must ask, ‘where is the large Christian festival for the messiah's conception?’

And this is the religious argument in support of abortion, or in the very least a religious argument against the belief that life begins at conception. Jesus’ birth is perhaps the most pivotal date in Christianity and perhaps to mankind; so much so that history is divided into all that came before and all that came after. It is the day of Christ's birth that signals his arrival on earth, not his conception; Christmas is the celebration of that fact.

It should be well regarded however that there is a Christian celebration on the 25th of March, the Feast of Annunciation. The day marks Gabriel's announcement to Mary that she would carry the son of God. And though such an event corresponds to the conception of Jesus, it is not a celebration of his conception but rather his pending arrival; thus the Feast of Annunciation, not the Feast of Arrival, nor the Feast of Conception, nor the Feast of Jesus on Earth.

Christmas is the celebration of Jesus being born, of arriving, of entering the world; the day of his conception does not offer any of the same notice. This Noel and all the importance placed upon it, undermines that assumption held by those who are against abortion, the assumption that life begins at conception; for if life truly does begin at conception, millions upon millions of Christians are 9 months late every year in their observance.

Either Christmas is the day Jesus entered the world or it was March 25th, the approximate day he was conceived. If it's Christmas, then life does not begin at conception, and if it's March 25th, I guess having turkey dinners will be more evenly distributed throughout the year.

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