Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stephen Harper, You've Stood Up, Now Sit Down

There sure are partisan arguments that one can levy upon an opposing politician as to deem him unfit to govern, but those arguments are at times sensational and at other times just tiresome. Regardless, now such arguments are not needed, no they are not even wanted, because now is the moment when actions speak so much louder than words, for on this day no critic, no observer, no political foe need to utter a syllable to expose our Prime Minister’s inability to govern, his inability to lead. For the quiet action of seeking prorogation is by far a louder cry of forfeiture and surrender than any that could have ever passed the lips of our Stephen Harper.

Today it was announced that to the representative of the Queen, our Governor General, Stephen Harper will run once more to ask that parliament be suspended in order for him to not lead it. That to the privacy and seclusion of Rideau Hall our Prime Minister will skulk. Unable to face his creditors, the Canadian people, he will wallow in the shadows and whisper to Michaelle Jean, “Do not haste in proroguement, Parliament must be halted, for I cannot stand, I cannot lead.” With pity he will get his Parliament prorogued and his retreat will be bought, and for those months, though he remains on his plated throne, though he remains in pictures and on television, it will not be his face that Canadians will see, no, it will only be his back.

In all this I ask how is it that a man can become Prime Minister and not even want the job? It would not be difficult to find more ambitious people than he that would do anything to attain the office that he repeatedly seeks to avoid. Furthermore it is not as if one is Prime Minister every day, so why does he not only squander the opportunity but runs from it? Even if one was to accept his inability to lead and his cowardice, there is the financial aspect of it all. The fact that Canadians are paying for a two month hiatus for their government, that there is financial waste, must appeal to Stephen Harper's economic intelligence, most assuredly if honour and duty do not.

And yet our Conservative Prime Minister will prorogue Parliament, he will not only erase two months from the legislative calendar but erase all those months that were needed to prepare and produce the now dormant bills in the commons. He will not only sterilize Parliament, with his touch transforming what was once fertile into now what is barren, but he will pull from the womb legislation from its most developed stages.

With this proroguement, some will use this occasion to attack Stephen Harper, to list argument after argument of how he is unfit to lead our nation, and it will not be their words that convince me, no, it will be his very actions that convince me so.


tjeerd said...

Smart move. Chretien prorogued in 2003 as well. Now Liberals are selectively angry, sorry it does not wash. said...

Did you see my 2003 post blasting Chretien for his prorogation? Oh sorry but that's right, that was 3 years before I started blogging or was even interested in politics.

You can attempt to level hypocritical charges but my unwashed friend they have no validity, because what's wrong is wrong, and I've never wavered.

Marx-A-Million said...

The truth you speak is what I think. I am furious! I'm not sure why I am furious, but when I see my brave Xena Warrior Princess Libby Davies rocking her lips of fury, I am placed into a hypnotic trance of moral outrage.