Monday, January 25, 2010

Ironic Conservative MP Spending Prorogation On A California Vacation

Whether you are for or against prorogation, it does give our representatives a chance to do important work in their ridings and Conservative MP Randy Hoback agrees, he said so while in California on vacation.

In a recent interview MP Randy Hoback defended the prorogation of Parliament, saying that during the prorogation he would work to address his constituents' concerns over unemployment. The thing that makes this story interesting however is that at the time of the interview, and still continuing for some days, Mr. Hoback was not in his own riding. To put it simply, as Randy Hoback claimed he would spend the prorogation working for his electors he was in California on vacation.

It was in the Prince Albert Chronicle Herald in which Randy Hoback was quoted as saying, “Our constituents have more concerns on their minds… They want us to concentrate on jobs, get people back to work, and get the budget back in order. And that's what I'll focus on when I get back to Parliament and that's what I'm focusing on now." The obvious irony of course being that at the time Mr. Hoback made this statement he was thousands of kilometers away enjoying much warmer temperatures.

With the Prime Minister’s decision to prorogue Parliament on Dec.30 many have spoken out on both sides of the issue, some claiming it is an attempt by our government to avoid scrutiny over the Afghan detainee issue while others say it allows MPs to return to their ridings to reconnect with their constituents. Whatever side you are on, with recent polls showing Conservatives losing support now in a virtual tie with the Liberals everyone can admit that Stephen Harper's recent use of prorogation is a divisive issue, yet in spite of that Randy Hoback went on vacation anyway.

Now it is not to say that MPs can't go on vacation, but considering the contentious situation the government is in over prorogation and that our representatives are already in Parliament less than half the year, Hoback's decision to go tour California seems to leave him little room to respond to criticism. His own words especially not helping the situation.

Since Randy Hoback in his local newspaper emphasized the need for parliamentarians to be working during prorogation, the contensious situation his absence from Parliament has contributed to is only exacerbated by his absence from his riding during prorogation. If that was not enough, the MPs failure to grasp the concept of irony may itself be something worthy to protest over.

--Update-- Through a comment on this post it may appear Randy Hoback is back in his riding. It was previously written on this post that Hoback was as of the 25th still out of his riding, this was reported by two of his constituents. It has been a few days and I am still waiting for a reply from his constituency office on his schedule. The comments made by Hoback that he's 'focused on jobs' while on his vacation in California are still something to make note of.


bubba said...

If each M.P. worked as hard in their riding as Randy does in ours. Nobody would complain when a holiday is taken. He worked through Christmas and is highly visible in the riding. He has visited our remote community at least 5 times. He recently held a passport clinic here which was a godsend to the people. I take criticism of him as stupidity . We are lucky to have him as M.P. said...

Bubba I happen to know he did not work through Christmas and that this was not the first vacation he has taken in a year. Please do not lie.

Jay said...

Bubba if you look at what your Mp has done you would realize he was just doing his job, nothing special and nothing that allows for even more vacation time than he gets all summer and during every single holiday. These people enjoy months of vacation time as it is without a prorogue. Yet another vacation on my tax dollars is disgusting. I work long and hard, harder than any politician and I get two weeks. Stop apologizing for slackers Bubba and demand some accountability for our tax dollars during this recession. He's being paid to be in parliament not California.

Richard Fromm said...

January 27, 2010

Mr. Ross,

In your blog posting of January 25, 2010 you stated:

"As of today Conservative MP Randy Hoback is still on vacation outside the country, quite possibly still working for his constituents during this prorogation."

This statement is unequivocally false. Please correct the record immediately.


Richard Fromm
Senior Parliamentary Assistant to Randy Hoback, MP
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