Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Join the protest. Join the democracy.

From atop our Ottawa hill, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has casted down our lady Democracy. He suspended Parliament with the blackest of hopes to avoid censure and scrutiny. He closed government buildings, sending elected officials to their homes and tentative Bills to the heap, not with the highest of virtues at heart, but with the lowest of instincts in mind. Where once our beautiful and bright Democracy stood, now only our Prime Ministers partisanship persists.

Yet where Democracy fell, no body shall be found, for though she fell in Ottawa it was to the people she returned. Not in her typical garb of ballots and choice, but without election and institution she came. She came in her barest of forms, unfamiliar yet pure, exposing to all who would bear witness, the beauty of our will.

On January 23, this Saturday across Canada, the people will show Stephen Harper democracy is more then something you can suspend, democracy is in each and every one of us who cares, who wants a better country and a better tomorrow. Democracy may be shut from the halls of Parliament, but with protests this Saturday it will be in the heart and mind of every Canadian making a stand against this prorogation, against this blatant abuse of power. On January 23 there will be protests across Canada, go to for protests near you and join the protest, join the democracy.

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