Thursday, February 04, 2010

Anti-Prorogation Going Viral: ProrogueBay

The Popular Torrent Website ThePirateBay.Org Standing Up For Democracy

Thousands of internet users looking to download movies, music, and software were greeted with a familiar face today, as (TPB), one of the largest torrent resource sites on the internet displayed our Stephen Harper at the helm of the Pirate Bay's trademark pirate ship destroying Parliament.

The importance of The Pirate Bay's political statement goes beyond its imagery and its provision of a link to an anti-prorogation website, the real importance lies in the audience the message reaches. Where before the issue of prorogation was limited to those politically involved, people directly concerned with the issue, and even those who occasionally pick up a newspaper, The Pirate Bay's move introduces prorogation to an untapped audience made up of generally younger users who may not be as in tune with the current state of politics in the country.

On the TPB site, underneath the image of the Conservative Leader wrecking the Peace Tower, are the words "Hoist Your Sails For the 2nd Wave" a reference to another round of action in addition to the nationwide protests that occurred on January 23.

The picture itself is a link to a website that further speaks to the younger more tech savvy audience of the torrent website. For clicking on the image of Harper's exaggerated head, one is directed to the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament(CAPP) forum, an interactive site where Canadians across the country are discussing additional ways of action against the prorogation.

It was on December 30 that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper prorogued Parliament, which sent the 308 Members of Parliament back to their ridings. While prorogation is a usual occurrence, due to its use to avoid democratic accountability in regards to the Afghan detainee abuse scandal, ordinary Canadians as well as Parliamentary and Constitutional scholars have voiced concern over the abuse to our democracy. As a result of prorogation thousands of citizens have protested and thousands more have joined the group on Facebook, Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament.

Winston Kyrkbacke of The Pirate Bay affirms that the doodle of Stephen Harper is only viewable to internet users in Canada and though it is a symbol of support for the anti-prorogation movement, Mr. Kyrkback reiterates that it is strictly non-partisan. That the image and link is not a stand against Conservatives, but instead is a "Stand for democracy."

The TPB representative going on to say, "We are strong believers of the theory that democracy and free speech are closely tied. We think that democracy is an ongoing process which can be found in discussions and debates. That is why we now are promoting an discussion forum devoted to the situation in Canada."

For those unfamiliar with The Pirate Bay, it is a popular website with over 4 million registered users. The TPB indexes torrents, small files that are made easily available to download between other users on the internet through a BitTorrent protocol. Some torrents are often files of 'pirated' movies, music, and software, thus the name of the website.

The movement against prorogation is described as a movement for democracy, it first coalesced around the Facebook group, which now numbers well over 220,000 members. With the concern of the people, the interconnectivity of the internet and the support of other websites like the CAPP forum and The Pirate Bay, though the Prime Minister has abandoned it, it looks like Canadian democracy is in good hands.


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ta_king said...

Good for a radio jingle perhaps,

Twas the night before new-years when all through the house, not an MP was sitting, not even a spouse,

Harper was busy stuffing the senate with care, In hopes that the members wouldn't be there.

The Tories were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of prorogation danced in their heads;

Perhaps it needs more work,

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