Friday, February 05, 2010

Conservative Sources: Prorogation Will End Jan.25

It appears prominent Conservatives may not only acknowledge that ordinary Canadians believe the Prime Minister used prorogation to avoid democratic accountability, but that they might also think Canadians are right.

On December 15 certain Conservatives were reported to have claimed that prorogation wouldn't go beyond January 25th in order to prevent criticism that the government was attempting to avoid democratic accountability over the Afghan detainee abuse scandal. Of course it is now known that two weeks later our Prime Minister announced the suspension of Parliament until March 3, to not only the dismay of Canadians, but one can only guess so to the dismay of those government officials.

It was in a Dec.15 article titled, Tories Ponder Proroguing Parliament that David Akin reported that "sources within and outside of government" nearly unianimously agreed that:

"If he does choose to prorogue, Mr. Harper will not delay Parliament's return on Jan. 25 because he will want to avoid charges that he is attempting to thwart or avoid Parliament or protect Defence Minister Peter MacKay, who is under fire from the opposition on the issue of Afghan detainees.
After discussions and with those possible allegations in mind Harper went ahead anyway, and prorogued Parliament until March 3. Today it is clear thousands of Canadians doubt the government's motives, and in reviewing this article one can only speculate with a degree of probability as to whether those prophetic Conservatives cited do to.

One last observation must be made, if government officials saw that gaining control of the Senate, introducing a new agenda, and recaliberating, could all have been done with prorogation ending by January 25th, one must point out to those few unaware Canadians, why then is Parliament prorogued until March 3?

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