Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Afghan Inquiry - Doing What's Right, What Conservatives Don't Get

When Conservatives see everything as partisan, they fail to see what is right.

This morning the CBC reports that a former diplomat had warned the Liberal government in 2005 that Afghan detainees were vulnerable to torture under the transfer agreement. Where cackling Conservatives are taking joy that Liberals in their pursuit of an open inquiry into the Afghan detainee abuse scandal will tarnish their own record, it is clear these same Conservatives have confused partisan advantage with doing what's right.

Even before this story about the Martin government being complacent broke, Conservative commentators indulged in morally flawed arguments to some how justify the current government's involvement. Conservatives had suggested that Michael Ignatieff was short-sighted in his calls for an inquiry as it would include the former Liberal government's actions. This line of thinking implies that the Liberals advocated an open inquiry purely in blind partisan interest, completely denying that the Official Opposition has far greater motivations of doing what is right.


Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

Correct. Keep up good work.

wilson said...

''Even before this story about the Martin government being complacent..''

No no no, Scott,
you must mean COMPLICITE in war crimes, not complacent.

The Libs handed over detainees KNOWING they would be tortured.

kursk said...

So.. 2002-2006, Liberals were knowingly handing over people to be 2006, the Conservatives put a stop to it.

Who needs to be taken to task here? said...

Kursk since you said it and I wouldn't dare suggest you are a liar could you please enlighten someone as dumb as me and explain to me how Canada was handing prisoners over to the Afghan Army from 2002 to 2006 when Canada was handing those same detainees over to the Americans from 2002 to 2005?