Thursday, March 18, 2010

Conservative Contempt

In three separate motions the three opposition parties have charged the government in contempt of Parliament by refusing to hand over critical documents on the Afghan detainee abuse scandal. The CBC has video of Liberal MP Derek Lee and NDP MP Jack Harris speaking passionately about this historic event. Mr. Lee stood up in the House of Commons today arguing for action:

"There's no place in this country where this issue can be raised and acted on, there's no department of government and there is no court allowed to interfere. There are no other persons who can come into this House to protect the constitutional foundations of this country; only the 308 persons here.
Harris adding in this CBC article, "If we don't stand up, efforts to undermine our constitution will have succeeded."

The NDP's Jack Harris in his speech demonstrated how the appointment of former Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci completely ignored Parliament's constitutional right to view the documents. Mr. Harris argued:"
"The government has the right of course to consult with any number of people, but does not change the order of this house. The order is binding and with consultation or no consultation the government must obey."

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