Thursday, March 18, 2010

Conservative Athleticism - Flipping And Flopping

It's amazing how acrobatic the government can become when its about to charged with contempt of Parliament. For as increased pressure has mounted over the last few days, the government has flip-flopped on supporting the notorious government-sponsored 10%ers and then has flip-flopped again on denying contraceptives in the G8 health plan. With all this gymnastic training it is rumoured Stephen Harper already has a down payment on the 2012 Summer Olympic Games podium.

The Tory gymnastics began on Wednesday where after opposing a Liberal motion to end the publicly-funded mailers on Tuesday, Stephen Harper with a two-point landing announced the government would now support that same Liberal initiative.

Demonstrating his true athleticism our Prime Minister continued to perform admirably in the acrobatic events that followed. Today Stephen Harper in the House announced that the government is now contemplating including contraceptives in its international maternal health initiative, this comes days after Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon stated that the initiative will "not deal in any way, shape or form with family planning."

The pressure on Stephen Harper and his government comes as the Conservatives are denying Parliament's constitutional right to view critical documents relating to the Afghan detainee abuse scandal. The confrontation only getting hotter with today as three separate motions have been put forth by the opposition parties alleging this government is in contempt of Parliament.

With being under such pressure, and flip-flopping so well and consistently, Stephen Harper is sure to continue to impress, my only concern being the Canadian judge, those judges are known for caring about credibility.

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