Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jack Layton: Recognizing The Value of Those Around Us

Why does it seem that it always takes something bad to bring people together?

Today MPs and Senators are to wear Prostate Cancer Canada ties in a sign of support for the NDP Leader Jack Layton's fight against the disease. Friends, political foes, and some combination of the two will make a heart warming demonstration of solidarity for their colleague by donning the tie and as the Toronto Sun reports, representatives from each party will make statements on the subject before question period.

As I imagine our Parliamentarians coming together for this noble act, I can't help but feel regret that it seems only at sombre times do we recognize the importance of those around us, of those we work with, of those we see everyday, and of those that are a part of our lives whether we like it or not.

What a wonderful world this would be if before we acted out of hate or anger towards a co-worker, friend, or family member, we realized their value, not just as a human being, but as a part of who we are.

Though it's often neglected how important the people around us are, it must be recognized that we are shaped by everyone around us. From our parents nurturing to our friends counselling to our enemies challenging, all contribute to our characters, to our being.

Every single person in our lives has a unique value, a unique contribution to who we are, and that is something we must not only recognize, but must also not forget only to remember when one of them is facing danger.

One can only imagine, not only how Parliament would function, but how we all would live if we could always put disagreements with people in the context of the importance they have in our lives. Heated arguments would be cooled and debates would be turned into discussions if people recognized that even in conflict they are sharing a moment of their lives and a part of themselves.

It is no secret that I disagree strongly on certain points with Stephen Harper, but it would do me well to recognize that he is still my Prime Minister and I would be devastated if anything would befall the man.

And though Stephen Harper faces no threat, Jack Layton does, and in this moment of solidarity for his cause, perhaps we can recognize his value in our lives along with everyone else's. In doing so we would make this world a bit of a better place, one where we do not wait for the bad to see the good.

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