Thursday, March 11, 2010

Liberals Continue Calls For Public Inquiry

Liberals continued demands for a full public inquiry into the Afgan detainee abuse scandal today during question period, showing that either that they have nothing to hide or that justice means more to them then it does to Conservatives.

Yesterday with news that a chief diplomat warned Paul Martin's Liberal government in 2005 about possible failures in the newly created Afghan detainee transfer agreement, many commentators suggested that the Liberals would drop calls for a public inquiry. However not only did today's question period clearly show them to be wrong (video below), Michael Ignatieff before the Commons announced:

"On this side of te House we have called for months for a full public inquiry about the Afghan mission, going right back to the begginning, right back to the beginning in 2001, and no new information will change this party's stance on the issue."
Yesterday I wrote on why I beleive the Liberals are not concerened with any public inquiry investigating previous Liberal governments, concluding that frankly there was just too little time for any legal guilt to be formed. As the Afghan detainee transfer agreement was signed on November 30 2005 one day after Parliament was dissolved and the writ for the January 2006 election was dropped.

The detainee transfer agreement was designed to prevent the torture that had been knowingly occurring in Afghan prisons previously. Thus with the implementation of the agreement Paul Martin's government in transferring prisoners to the Afghan Army had met all of its legal obligations. However legal is quite seperate from moral, and though the old Liberal government is in all probability clear of legal culpability, it isn't innocent.

It is quite a more serious case for this current Conservative government. They not only face questions of legal and moral guilt in relation to thier actions of ignoring credible torture allegations, but they also face questions on their actions in repressing documents and, to put it frankly, repressing the truth.

In comparing the Grits' and the Tories' guilt in this Afghan detainee abuse scandal, it is no wonder why the Liberals are pressing for a public inquiry and the Conservatives are doing everything they can to stop it.

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