Thursday, March 25, 2010

NDP & Conservatives Hiding MP Expenses

In regards to the Auditor General wanting to audit the specific expenses of MPs, Liberals are in favour, while the Conservative Party and the NDP are not; the question then is, what do these two parties have to hide?


Toe said...

That needs to change then. The AG should not have to be 'invited' to give us a value for money audit, nor to see how taxpayer money is spent.

I still can't believe parliament is going to approve the 6B Day asked for, for unforseen expenses, when in the next breath Day told Canadians that doesn't mean spending is going to drop 6B. Argh.

If there were no pensions, perks (which come in all guises, even after they leave public life) there would be no MP's at all.

Robert said...

I see you miss the point. Those are already audited just release the reports that have been audited too the public. NDP member Peter Stoffer has offered too do just that. This is spin the NDP are saying why would you two audits when there already are audits going back many years. Your problem is that those aren't released too the public and I agree. I have notice NDP member Peter Stoffer is the only who has offered that. said...

Robert I want the Auditor General to audit the MPs expenses, not just for them to released. If they were just released to the public how would we as ordinary citizens have the knowledge to know what expenses are inappropriate? Yeah we could maybe see 1 billion dollars spent at McDonalds is abusive, but not $130,000 spent on continguency office rent.

Toe said...

Indeed Stoffer said he would, but when he checked he found out he wasn't allowed to.
Whenever I hear anyone from any party say: We assure you it can’t happen here, then I know it's not credible. It would really go a long way on establishing at least some trust in politicians, currently totally lacking.
The other defense Layton offered was it would cost too much. I'd like to know how since Fraser is already being paid to do them and has asked to do the PM's. I like Layton, a lot, but his statements don't pass muster. There hasn't been a performance review since 1991, it's definitely time.