Saturday, March 13, 2010

Opposition Wants Full Disclosure

Yesterday Justice Minister Rob Nicholson released terms of reference for the review of documents relating to the Afghan detainee abuse scandal. In response the opposition called the whole review process to be headed by former Supreme Court justice Frank Iacobucci a stalling tactic used by the government to postpone any findings far into the future, beyond any election.

The video below includes a sound bite version of the terms of reference, opposition reaction, possible contempt of Parliament charges, and a short interview by law professor Amir Attaran.

It is interesting to note that behind the scenes of this political conflict there is jockeying of media outlets. For where the CBC had broken two stories through Mr. Attaran providing documents and vivid interviews, CTV in the segment below has turned to this same professor for his commentary. With the assumption that there is more than one law professor in Canada, it would appear CTV chose Attaran because they knew what they would be getting, a heightened sense of conflict. And as it increasingly seems, that's all what the news media really wants anyway.

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