Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Throne Speech is Just a 'Continuation' And Prorogation Now Historically an Abuse of Power

The recent prorogation was met with accusations that Stephen Harper suspended Parliament to avoid the Afghan detainee abuse scandal, the only possible response this government had was that prorogation was necessary to recalibrate government. However with this Throne Speech riddled with phrases like "Our government will continue," or "keep" or "reintroduce" or "remain", it is clear this Conservative government has returned with no recalibration, no new direction. Now those allegations that prorogation was sought to avoid scandal are no longer allegations, they are historic fact.

These are just a few excerpts from the Throne Speech that contribute to the historic record that there is no new direction for Canada, just a continuation:

"As we begin to see modest improvements in growth and employment, the task before us today is to finish the work begun last year."

"Jobs and growth remain the top priority. Our Government will complete the second year of Canada's Economic Action Plan."

"Our Government's top priority is therefore to complete the second year of Canada's Economic Action Plan and to continue creating jobs and growth."

"Recognizing that unemployment continues to cast a long shadow over the recovery, our Government will continue to work on job creation and job protection."

"Through Canada's Economic Action Plan, our Government will continue to provide enhanced support for skills, apprenticeships and training for Canadian workers."

"Our Government will keep tax rates competitive and low, while taking aggressive steps to close unfair tax loopholes that allow a few businesses and individuals to take advantage of hard-working Canadians who pay their fair share."

"Our Government will continue to invest in clean energy technologies. It will review energy efficiency and emissions-reduction programs to ensure they are effective.

"Small and medium-sized businesses are the engines of the Canadian economy, responsible for the creation of most new jobs. To support them, our Government will continue to identify and remove unnecessary, job-killing regulation and barriers to growth."

"And recognizing the strategic importance of a strong domestic shipbuilding industry, [our Government] will continue to support the industry's sustainable development through a long-term approach to federal procurement."

"To assure parents that their children's food, medicine and toys are safe, our Government will reintroduce legislation to protect Canadian families from unsafe food, drug and consumer products."

"Our Government will continue to strengthen Canada's food safety system."

"[Our Government] will reintroduce tough legislation to combat the organized criminal drug trade. Our Government will respect the will of Canadians by reintroducing this legislation in its original form."

"Our Government will continue to modernize support systems for Canadian veterans."

"Our Government will continue to support legislation to repeal the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry that targets law-abiding farmers and hunters, not criminals."

"Our Government will continue to build on its historic apology for the treatment of children in residential schools.

"After settling 17 specific claims since this Parliament began, it will continue to work to resolve additional claims."

"Our Government will continue to invest in world-class Canadian athletics."

"Our Government also remains committed to Senate reform and will continue to pursue measures to make the upper chamber more democratic, effective and accountable."

"Our Government will continue to support the renewal of the Public Service and ensure it is ready for the changes required by the aging of its own and the wider Canadian labour force."

"[Our Government] will continue to work with the provinces to strengthen recognition of foreign credentials through the Pan-Canadian Framework for the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications."

"Our Government will continue to vigorously defend Canada's Arctic sovereignty. It will continue to map our northern resources and waters."

"[Our Government] will continue to push for stronger financial market regulation, modelled after Canada's world-leading practices."

"Here at home, our Government will continue to take steps to fight climate change by leading the world in clean electricity generation."

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