Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Video: Wayne Easter Vs Helena Guergis

PEI MP Wayne Easter in Question Period on March 16 confronted Helena Guergis in the House over the comments she made about his province and her abrasive behaviour. In Helena Guergis not defending herself I beleive she did a disservice to women, propagating the idea that females have to depend on males to protect them. If it was an effort so that she did not say something she might regret, at the very least, why not allow another female to speak for her?


Tom said...

So you are saying that when Easter attacked her, it was not attacking a female but when she didn't defend herself it was an affront to females?
Can't have one without the other. said...

Tom could you explain to poor dumb me, how you saying something makes something so?

Because your first option implies its not right for a male MP to attack a female MP, which is false, and your second option explains exactly what happened. With there being no connection between the two other than Guergis being a woman.

Could you enlighten poor dumb me?