Thursday, April 01, 2010

Helena Guergis Losing Votes In Simcoe-Grey

Despite the negative attention Helena Guergis is receiving nationally, all that really matters is the support within her riding of Simcoe-Grey, too bad for Guergis that support seems to be slipping.

The CBC Power & Politics reported on the declining level of support for Helena Guergis in her riding. It is made obvious that though the electorate there once held her in high regard, by the comments made by her constituents it doesn’t sound like she could now be held in any lower esteem.

In the video below Steven Desousa interviewed constituents in Collingwood a city in Simcoe-Grey. In replying to Guergis's recent behaviour one woman said, "Well she's certainly lost her credibility in this town for sure." Another constituent referring again to the actions of Guergis and her assistants more moderately stated, "You have to wonder, it certainly wasn't wise." Another woman adding to the chorus, "This is really, I think, disturbing. I mean, I think you lose your trust in this situation."

An aspect neglected in previous articles on this recent scandal involving Helena Guergis is that of the ordinary citizens who had written letters expressing their opinions only to have them opposed by paid political staffers of the MP who was meant to represent them.

Lorne Kenny had written a letter criticizing his MP, Helena Guergis, over a grant to a private school, after finding out that one of Guergis's assistants had hid her identity to attack his letter, he said, "That angers me, because that's not the sort of thing an MP's office should be doing, they're elected to serve all the people."

Ian Adams a newspaper editor first broke this story by finding out that letters praising Helena Guergis were coming from her deceiving assistants Jessica Craven and Victoria Knight. I personally tip my hat to the work done by Ian Adams, not because he found Conservative wrong doing, but because he exposed the truth and there's no higher goal a man can aim for.


The Mound of Sound said...

My brother lives in Simcoe-Grey. He tells me the locals soured on Guergis some time ago. Apparently there was some uproar over a Guergis-family wrecking yard or something getting some curious government approval. said...

I see she has a few relatives in city council politics, I can only imagine what people don't know about her and her family. said...

For example, this is from some Simcoe county document that suggests a Guergis ruined the reputation of Simcoe. ( - PDF Search Guergis)

There must be public participation, open meetings and open communication from County officials at all times. After wasting 30 years they (Simcoe Staff) couldn't trust the
public and that alone brought us to the current situation where we no longer openly don't
trust them. Trust is earned not bought (as in the media contract of $250,000 to restore a
reputation that only 3 people destroyed (McCullough, Guergis and Aitken)