Friday, April 02, 2010

PEI Wasn't The First Time Helena Guergis Was Asked To Resign

Conservatives were warned Helena Guergis was not fit for Cabinet over two years ago when she breached security and put the lives of elected representatives and Canadian troops in danger.

Often neglected in the recent attention Helena Guergis is receiving is the fact that her meltdown at the PEI airport was not the first time she faced calls to resign. In 2008 in an email to reporters Guergis broke a media blackout by giving away the location of the then Liberal Leader Stephane Dion on his visit to Afghanistan, endangering him and the Canadian armed forces protecting him.

Upon his return Stephane Dion wrote Stephen Harper, warning him of Helena Guergis's suitability for Cabinet. As this Toronto Star article reports, Dion told the Prime Minister, "This gross breach of Canadian security is beyond irresponsible and calls into question her ability to fulfill her duties as a member of cabinet."

The warning went unheeded, Helena Guergis went on to have a meltdown at a PEI airport involving insulting a province and throwing shoes and that was followed by her many assistants deceiving editors and the public to praise her in a letter writing campaign. These continuing scandal went on to prove that Stephane Dion's doubts were correct.

The responsibility for Helena Guergis's continuing embarrassment fall squarly on the shoulders of this Prime Minister for ignoring the warning signs of Helena Guergis's ineptitude.


In reviewing my YouTube account I found this old video that I had done in 2008. Though I had pronounced her name wrong, after these more recent scandals, I too see my call for Helena Guergis's resignation, like Dion's, to be more than proven correct.

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