Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Problem With Sarah Palin's New Show

Sarah Palin's new show even before it hits the airwaves is already strengthening conservative attacks on democrats.

The former Alaskan governor and vice-presidential candidate is hosting a new show on Fox News. The program titled Sarah Palin: Real American Stories will focus on individuals who have had to overcome obstacles to lead extraordinary lives. The show to begin airing today is already receiving criticism as it's title seems to perpetuate a common false dichotomy used by Republicans and conservatives to undermine democrats and liberals in the United States.

In defining a real America in which only small town, blue collar workers belong, conservatives and Republicans have been openly claiming Democrats and more liberal minded individuals are somehow un-American. Sarah Palin's show appears to be strengthening that line of attack, cementing the McCarthyian term "real American" in America's social consciousness.

It only needs to be asked of the title Real American Stories, what is a "real American" for it to be found full of questionable implications.


Rotterdam said...

I watched a segment of the show.
A well to do investment executive promises a class of inner city kids that he would pay for there post secondary education. He mentors them through high school in the process.
If that's McCarthyism, you have a problem, or maybe you have no idea what McCarthyism is. said...

Rotterdam I could have sworn I typed "the McCarthyian term "real American"" and not as you suggest refer to the whole show as something akin to McCarthyism.

I sincerly apologize for you reading some other blog and commenting on this one.

Rotterdam said...

I think that's very McCarthyite of you to insinuate that. said...

Rotterdam my good sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

I don't have the latest and most recently updated dictionary, but has "very McCarthyite of you to insinuate that" become to mean "You are right I clearly misinterpreted what you originally said and after this comment will no longer be speaking gibberish"?

If that's the case I accept your appology and only wish you and your family the best. God bless you Rotterdam.