Thursday, April 01, 2010

Shelly Glover Not The Smartest MP

Yesterday MP Shelly Glover demonstrated just why she's usually not asked by the Conservative Party to do interviews.

On CBC's Power & Politics Conservative MP Shelly Glover made some comments that don't necessarily make her appear to be the most intelligent of our Members of Parliament (video below).

Shelly Glover when put on the spot, confronted with report after report criticizing the fact that her Conservative government is dramatically increasing spending on prisons while the crime rate is going down responded by taking the more unusual path of making some less than intelligent statements.

In response to CBC host Evan Solomon referencing multiple reports, including those from Statistics Canada, suggesting the government is exponentially increasing spending on prisons while the crime rate has actually fallen, Shelly Glover said, "I have to disagree with some of the numbers you are presenting Evan, numbers can be skewed any which way you want depending on who is doing it." Ignoring the fact those numbers were independently gathered by Stats Canada, Glover went on seconds later to say crime is actually increasing basing that opinion solely on the fact 92% of sex crimes go unreported. Now besides questioning the source of that number, the irony of using that statistic is lost on Shelly Glover, unless of course she doesn't think 92% is a number.

The MPs questionable statements do not end there, in another defensive maneuver to change the topic, Shelly Glover suggested the Liberals have ulterior motives for bringing up the fact the government is increasing spending on jails while the crime rate has decreased. She said,

"Let's not forget, the Liberals have an interest here, because predominately prison inmates vote Liberal during elections, cops vote Conservative. There is a clear interest for the prisoners to be voting for soft on crime legislation that the Liberals put forward."
Now besides the blind partisanship displayed, Shelly Glover in suggesting the Liberal Party is actually planning it's criminal platform around the possiblity of attracting prisoner votes is ignorant.

First it is irresponsible for this representative to suggest Liberals are putting votes ahead of public safety. Second there are only approximately 36,000 prisoners who are eligible to vote in elections and very few actually do, to claim the Liberals are tailoring policy for such a small despersed segment of the population is just irrational.

In this panel discussion, MP Shelly Glover has really lowered intelligent discourse in Canada.


Big Winnie said...

She will get what she deserves...back to the Winnipeg Police force she will go.

Top Can Inc. said...

You said it is irresponsible to suggest that Liberals are shaping their crime policy with the idea that criminals vote for them in mind. Just because it is irresponsible to say so, doesn't mean it may not be true.

Brian Busby said...

Ms. Glover claims "predominately prison inmates vote Liberal during elections". Does she truly believe this? Can she present any evidence, no matter how slight, to back this up.

More to the point, Ms. Glover uses this statement in questioning Liberal policy... never once realizing that it would then go against Liberal interests to fight an increase in the prison population.

As you say, not the smartest MP. Wonder whether she's found out who Tom Flanagan is yet.

Brian Busby said...

Top Can, inmates in Canadian prisons vote predominantly for the Canadian Action Party. Cops vote for the Christian Heritage Party.

Whether I'm being irresponsible in making these unsubstantiated claims is a matter of debate, but then I'm an individual, not a Member of Parliament who is representing the government on a nationally broadcast television show.

"Just because it is irresponsible to say so, doesn't mean it may not be true", you say.

Ms. Glover's is a serious allegation. Let's see her evidence.

Wonn Datt said...

Manitobans agree with Ms Glover's statements about an increase in crime. If you have lived in Winnipeg for as many decades as I have, you know it to be true. Why are prisons populations increasing, in spite of 14 years of Liberal soft-on-crime policies? Stats Canada needs to some serious evaluation of their methods! said...

Wonn Datt I have 8 brothers and sisters in Manitoba and they couldn't disagree with you more. That's the problem with opinion, everyone has one and none of them are true.

You can agree with Glover but there is no reason why you should, it's only your opinion. Actual evidence on the otherhand says Glover is wrong and you can draw the necessary implication.