Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Canada Needs 65 Fighter Jets?

Whereas some financially astute Canadians may question why this Conservative government is not allowing competition in awarding a $9-billion contract for 65 new fighter jets, the real question is why does Canada even need 65 new fighter jets?

Is the most pressing national safety concern of terrorism fought with jets, let alone 65 of them? Or are these jets for some other purpose, such as dropping aid-bombs in Africa?

Some may argue, perhaps rightly Canada needs to update its fleet of fighter jets, however buying 65 new fighter jets isn't a military update, it's a military build-up.


doconnor said...

"buying 65 new fighter jets isn't a military update, it's a military build-up."

Canada currently has 103 CF-18s which are due to be replaced, so there will be a net reduction in the number of fighter jets we have.

Liam said...

Bake sales for bombers, I say.

The majority if financial crisis issues around the globe are related to the ever-growing military machine.

It's time to make it stop.

The Mound of Sound said...

I wouldn't count on 65. Recent news reports have indicated that F-35 programme costs have gotten entirely out of control.

The F-18's are getting a bit long in the tooth but the F-35 may not be the best answer. The American offering is a single-engine a/c, the sort that can have serious trouble over remote regions of Canada. The Eurofighter and French Rafale are both twins and would probably give a lot more bang for the buck.

David said...

The Typhoon costs twice as much as the JSF and (arguably) is capable of an expanded multi-mission role in comparison.

The JSF is a 5th generation stealth fighter/bomber with superior air-to-air capabilities. It's basically a stripped down Raptor.

I'd say the JSF is the way to go...we want an anti-air platform over ground support any day.