Saturday, June 26, 2010

History, Harper's Greatest Foe

Six months after the prorogation, the history books are already in their first drafts, and what is written is not the proposition of Stephen Harper's that Parliament was suspended to recalibrate the economy, no, within their pages is the reality that Parliament was suspended to delay and avoid scandal over the Afghan detainee abuse scandal.

At the moment of prorogation, Conservatives regurgitated party line, prorogation was necessary for the government to change direction from stimulus spending to economic recovery, however with a universally agreed upon lack lustre budget with little differences made, it was clear Parliament was suspended for another reason.

In one of the first articles retouching the issue of prorogation since it occurred, the Globe broaches the real reason for its use, clearly linking the most recent prorogation with Stephen Harper's political opportunism. The Globe article states:

Canada’s role in transferring Afghan prisoners to the NDS facility in Kandahar – the province that has been the Canadian Forces’ area of operations for the past four years – has emerged as a major political issue. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government prorogued Parliament earlier this year, as opposition parties rallied to see secret documents concerning handover practices.
The Conservatives should take note that though they are in government and show no signs of losing it, they lost this fight on spinning prorogation. The lesson for the Conservatives is simple, though winners get to write the history books, in a democracy the people always win.