Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Conservatives Want To Know Less, Surprised?

The best argument for keeping the long-form census is actually a conservative one, however it just happens there isn't a conservative arguing it.

Though this Conservative government has decided to cancel the long form census citing privacy concerns, the decision is contrary to what conservatism is all about, efficiency and small government. For though Conservatives may hope without those statistics government funding for some progressive programs stops, other more necessary projects and programs will certainly continue, and without the statistics to efficiently guide them, government money will be wasted.

The most important purpose of the long form census, certainly the most important to conservatives, was to increase efficiency. The long form census collected data that was necessary for municipalities and provinces to plan, from where was the best place to build bridges and roads to where schools were needed. Without the long form, government efficiency is seriously hampered; for bridges, schools, and hospitals are still going to be built, but now they will be just done in complete disregard to where they are needed.

To eliminate government waste and inefficient programs, a first priority of conservatism, it is a necessary to know what is waste and what is inefficient. Without the long form census to measure whether infrastructure spending or program spending achieved targeted results or if it is even needed, the federal government will be spending with no regard to effectiveness.

The right leaning Fraser Institute, as described on its website, fundamentally believes, "If it matters, measure it." Living up to that mantra the right leaning organization provides statistcs on many programs it disagrees with, such as our public healthcare system and other more progressive programs, all in an effort to educate the public about their costs and results. Though the Fraser Institute has come out supporting the move to end the long form, it does so contrary to its clearly stated purpose of measuring important data. And as a consequence the Fraser Institute and the Conservative Party are supporting the less efficient allocation of government resources.

Instead of using long form census data to accurately cut bloated programs or target spending, something a traditional conservative government would do happily, this Conservative government is opting to cancel the long form census and in turn is opting to reject its most fundamental principle of small and efficient government.

But then without the long form census providing measurement to tell us the government is only getting bigger because of this decision, Conservatives don’t ever really have to find that out. And that's the genius of this recent Conservative government's wrong decision, in opting for less knowledge, Conservatives don't ever have to know.


marie said...

Tell me Scott. Which riding are you looking at to run as Conservative riding? Don't blame Ignatieff for all the negative rumblings. Blame the Media, people such as your self, who claim to be liberal and speak so negative about their leader. You may not like him but the facts are, he is the only choice we have at the moment and by running him down, you are merely giving the Cons gossip to run on. Are you one of those reliable sources the news media claim to have been told such lies? Are you one of those nervous Nellie’s who cannot keep their mouths shut because you don’t like him? He’s not my favorite choice but Harper isn’t either. I have seen enough of him and its time for him to vacate the PMO and he can’t do it with ramblings such as you display because you don’t care for him.

Sorry Scott but with people such as yourself, Harpers regime will keep destroying everything we Canadians have worked for. I used to be very proud to be a Canadian, I am not very proud to have a lying control freak like an inept PM that currently is missing when he gets in trouble . I am down right embarrassed of him to tell you the truth.

Maybe you’re not running for office but your certainly not helping the party with your negative statements displayed on your posts.

thescottross.blogspot.com said...

Marie you have no idea who I am and you are all the ignorant for it as you claim I am hurting the Liberal Party.

Ignatieff did not fall in the polls a year ago because Liberals were saying things about him, he fell in the polls because of the things HE did and said. That's objective fact.

You can call me a Conservative for saying my opinion, but you're more conservative than I in cracking down on dissent.