Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Ignatieff In The Room

The Liberal Party is at historic lows and though no one is talking about it, it's right there in the middle of the room, well it's to the left... or to the right, but no matter what, it's in the room and we're not talking about it, and it, is Ignatieff.

Though the recent EKOS poll, which puts the Liberals at 23.9% far behind the Conservatives who are at 34.4%, is on the mind of every Liberal, just as it surely is on the mind of every Conservative, no Liberal is really talking about it. The liberal blogs are looking the other way and the Liberal caucus and Party elites are quiet due to their realization of how history will possibly record their forcing of Dion to resign.

Liberals need not only to acknowledge our ridiculously low support, but we need to act, with the focus on one Liberal in particular, Michael Ignatieff. The Liberal Leader has been perceived rightly or wrongly by Canadians as being out of touch, and it is no stretch to conceive his image has directly played a role in the Party's faltering polling numbers.

It is time Ignatieff acts, not to meet with other Liberals, but with other Canadians to work with them, to see how a car is assembled or how a fishing boat operates or how grain is collected. It is time for Ignatieff to introduce policies that help Canadians with their massive debt so they can provide for their families. It's time for Ignatieff to call for universal post-secondary education because that's what Canadians want, not some Global Network Strategy. It is time Ignatieff stops listening to Liberal elites and instead listens to Mr. and Mrs. Canuck.

And if Ignatieff isn't going to act, hopefully that will be at least something Liberals talk about.


CK said...

Well, he's going to travel cross country on a bus. He may well be meeting mr and mrs canuck (who are now mr and mrs american wannabes these days who hang out at Timmy Hortons; btw).

I would have thought things like Police chiefs inventing laws to suspend human rights and agents provocateurs to justify mass arrests for any silly reasons in a a taste of Harper's utopic regime would have lowered his polls.

Well, Harpo is going to call his election; he got his perfect storm it looks like and can get a majority with 34%.

Unless Canadians stop being so apathetic.

I'm so tired of this Iggy out of touch with Canadians and what do Canadians want? Americanize health care? No possibility of retirement? No gun control? No more Muslim immigration? POlice states? that's where we're headed under the Harpercons. said...

CK I'm sick of the attack line that Iggy is out of touch too, but you have to admit it is resonating.

So should Iggy continue to laugh at it or actually do something about it? When will he do the things ordinary Canadians do? When will he talk with ordinary Canadians and not a group of elites, loyalists or intellectuals?

CK you can blame Canadians but that is pointless and irresponsible. The Liberal Party doesn't choose it's electorate, the electorate chooses the party. The Liberal Party does not judge the electorate, the electorate judges us.

Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

Well-written Mr. Ross. I've been meaning to write something about this and will soon. I start from the same premise, but I come to a different conclusion about the best path forward.

Liberal Justice said...

The biggest 'problem' Ignatieff has is disloyalty! said...

You're right Liberal Justice, it's disloyalty that has caused the Liberal Party to be at 23.9%. All those darn Canadians are just so freakin' disloyal.