Wednesday, July 07, 2010

New Afghanistan War Record

"Last month was the deadliest for international forces since the war began, with 103 killed, including 60 Americans."
Some may attribute or attempt to explain the increase of hostility in Afghanistan due to the surge of American troops, that more soldiers mean more engagements; however it must be recognized that the escalation in violence is not due to a larger international presence but in actuality is in despite of it. That thousands of more troops have not offered more security, but instead, more targets.

If continuing this ill-fated war is not the solution, then what is? Not to offer simplification, because it is quite complex, but the solution no one seems to be discussing, is the creation of a country composed of the tribal areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The border between Afghanistan and Pakistan is known as the Durand line, named after a British Foreign Affairs Secretary in 1893. The border was arbitrarily drawn to divide the region with the intent to divide the tribal people in South-eastern Afghanistan and North-western Pakistan in order to allow for easier control by the British.

As the fighting today continues, the resistance met by international troops is mainly composed of these tribal fighters. To allow for greater stability in the region the tribal areas in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, which govern themselves and do not recognize the current border, should be united in one common national unit, while securing the stable areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan by redrawing their frontier borders.

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