Saturday, August 07, 2010

Harper Is Going To Be In Power For A Long Time

The Conservative government is doing such a great job with the economy that it is too fragile to hold an election. That was the message Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered at a press conference yesterday announcing the minor cabinet shuffle involving John Baird, Chuck Strahl, and John Duncan.

After the ministers were reassigned Stephen Harper's first remarks outside of Rideau Hall praised the great work his government has been doing in strengthening the economy, but goes on to add the Canadian economy is still so fragile Canada should avoid an election.

It's been close to two years since the global recession begun and the Canadian economy shrank, and it's been over a year since Stephen Harper first said the economy was too fragile for an election. Yet after all this time, with the Conservative prorogation, recalibration, and action plans, this government has still not put this country in the economic position where even an election is possible; though other governments in worse economic positions have.

When one considers that the Conservative government has repeatedily boasted that Canada has gone through the recession better than it's G-7 counterparts, it is troubling to consider that those other countries can hold elections without any economic concerns, but Canada under this Conservative government can not. Britain's election was just recently held and their economy didn't suffer, nor is there economic worry in the United States in the face of pending midterm elections.

In the video of the press conference below, Stephen Harper boasted, "In the recent global recession Canada has done better than its peers among the advanced countries," however he goes on to add near the end of the video that in Canada, "The economy remains fragile."

Harper argues therefore:

"Our Economic Action Plan needs time to run its course, Canada cannot afford to interrupt this green chute of economic recovery with an unnecessary election, Canadians need government and Parliament to work on Canada's Action Plan."
If the Conservatives are postponing an election until they turn the economy around, after seeing their lack of fiscal responsibility, it's pretty obvious they're going to be in power for a long time.

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WesternGrit said...

What "action plan"? It's just a corporate Calgary buzzword... We used to use it when we were going to discipline an employee, then terminate them.... Seems to me, Harper is doing quite well "terminating" the economy, and Canada's great institutions along with it...

Mind you, Scott, Harpoons would point to the UK and say their economy is "better off" due to the election of a Conservative government, don't ya know??? Lol... Of course it is a Con/Liberal COALITION.

Let's just get this election on with... Ignatieff the former WAR CORRESPONDENT, diving in and out of combat zones with balls of steel (and several TV shows), and Harper, the chunky, basement-dwelling pimple-faced teen grown up, with serious Napoleon complex, a dictator fetish, with less than half the cajones it would take to walk anywhere NEAR a warzone. Our guy's the international swashbuckling marauder, and Harper's the wimp that couldn't find any friends in all of Ontario...