Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Marceaux Dot Com

If you haven't heard about this candidate in the Republican primary for Tennessee's governor, I implore you to watch his video below. Don't even think about donating to his campaign, because besides getting rid of all traffic stops, Basil Marceaux "won't be bought or sold."


Noronic said...

A lot of police think that just because they show a badge that means their opinion has the weight of authority.

Me, I think anyone who uses a badge or their weight as an Officer of the Court in any political battle deserves to have that status stripped of them. said...

Well I think for those who put their lives on the line they deserve recognition for that; I don't think it should be brought up in arguments or debates however as to strengthen a point.

I should note ol'Basil's badge is not a police badge of any type, instead the only reference I've come across suggests it's a badge he himself made to illustrate that he is a great man.