Thursday, August 05, 2010

Doesn't Take Much To Know Conservatives Are Wrong

A recent EKOS poll shows you don't need a diploma to question this Conservative government's leadership.

Though the President of EKOS Frank Graves opined the recent 3 point slip for the Conservatives was due to the government losing support among Canadians with a higher education, a commenter on EKOS's own site points out that the Conservatives' problem is much more worrisome than that.

Islam G Mohamed:
It’s irresponsible and incorrect to attribute the Conservatives’ fall from grace to a backlash by elites and the educated. Among the 915 respondents without a university education, Conservatives are polling at just 30.5% with a margin of less than 6% over the Liberals. Compare that with results from just three months ago showing a lead of 13% over the Liberals (your poll of May 20, 35.2% vs 22.2%). You don’t need a university education to see that the Conservatives are headed in the wrong direction.
An implication of this, is that the Conservatives have another serious problem; for as they have begun to lose support among Canadians without university degrees, the Conservatives have started to lose a segment of the population that they have always relied upon.

The recent EKOS poll is just one poll of many, but if it reflects a trend, the Conservatives may need to modify their base of voters and that may be tough as the NDP has the preschool vote locked up.

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Fred from BC said...

I'm sorry, but Liberal shill Frank Graves (remember that whole fiasco from a couple of months back?) releasing a poll "exclusively for the CBC" is hardly worth taking seriously (especially, as you mention, since it is only one poll and can't be used to predict a trend).

The biggest question for me is why the numbers haven't looked like that for weeks now, since that has been the unfailing result for the last 4 years now: when there is no threat of an election, the parties run neck-and-neck (as people 'park' their votes). When it looks as though someone might actually bring the Conservative government down, though, their numbers suddenly go up.

Maybe Frank Graves is correct after all...but if he is, it's despite his obvious partisanship and not because of it.