Thursday, September 02, 2010

Police Forces or Conservatives, Who Do You Believe on the Long-gun Registry?

Are Canadians going to side with the Police or with the Conservatives? It's a question whose answer will in time only harm the right-wing political party.

Recently when asked to respond to Conservative Public Safety Minister Vic Toews' statement which disregarded the RCMP report supporting the long gun registry, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff asked Canadians, "We have the big law and order megaphone Vic Toews on one side and we have the police forces of Canada on the other, which do you choose?" Michael Ignatieff of course supported the police and suggested Canadians would too, and I believe he's right (see below video).

With time, as the argument is framed currently, it is undeniable to any political observer that Canadians will choose to believe the police over the Conservatives any day of the week.

The reason for this is rooted in the recognition that ideas must be reinforced in institutions to affect long-term political change. Where scrapping the gun registry is an idea, it appears to be one that is only embedded in the political organization of the Conservative Party. Where the Conservative Party isn't close to being as ubiquitous in Canadian society nor as highly respected, in this particular conflict of whether the long gun registry should be maintained or not, the ideas promulgated by the institutions of our police forces will always trump the rival ideas of the Conservative Party.

This does not mean that the police in Canada are always right, that they will always have the correct opinion. In this situation the Conservative argument for scrapping the registry was mostly framed in regards to economic and public safety concerns (ineffective and costly). These concerns can and were easily refuted by police organizations without appeals to political arguments such as those for the extension or restriction of rights and freedoms. Therefore in this situation the police are right because the Conservatives framed their argument on premises that fall entirely within those organizations' areas of expertise.

If however the Conservatives predominately argue that long gun owners' rights should not be infringed upon, that new argument would extend outside (though not excluding) the police purview and enter into the legal domain of rights and freedoms; a realm which coincidentally is more susceptible to opinion and less so on evidence. Seeing as there is much economic and public safety evidence to suggest the Conservatives are wrong, it would be wise for Conservatives to begin emphasizing gun and individual rights and freedoms.

This reframing of the debate would not so much make people believe Conservatives are right, as it would make the Conservative Party appear not wrong; and in the arena of public opinion being not wrong is almost as important as being right.


ridenrain said...

Is that the same group of police chiefs (CACP) who recieved $115,000 from the CGI Group? The company who is installing the registry computers and software? One of THE major reasons why the project has run so much over budget?

Pretty big conflict of interest. said...

Can you elucidate Ridenrain? Can you explain why every police chief would vote to keep the registry? And why the RCMP wants to keep it? And why 81% of all RCMP officers want it? And why the Canadian Police Association wants it? Why doctors want it? Why Nurses want it? Why report after report shows that it saves lives?

ridenrain said...

Didn't you read that the company putting in the regisrty are also donating money to the police chiefs to keep it alive? What part of "conflict of interest" did you miss? said...

Oh Riden, I forgot, if you, ridenrain, repeat something it must be true. Every police chief, as the vote was unanimous, is clearly in the pockets of Bell, which is in the pockets of CGI. And with all the other police officers, law enforcement agencies, doctors, nurses, etc. the CGI-illuminati is clearly beind it all and yadda yadda yadda the gun registry must be scrapped.

Kudos Riden you are super duper. said...

I have deleted a comment by "Luke". I don't care if you spout propaganda from the Conservatives, but don't copy a comment you made on another blog including references to that other blog's post.

Copying and pasting comments on different blogs is spam and that, along with repeated offensive language, are the kind of comments I delete.

ridenrain said...

I could say the same about you, saying all the police chiefs support the registry because clearly they do not. It's clear that rank & file police officers don't support it either.

This dubious association supports the registry because they were paid to say that.

Simply shouting that everyone who wants the registry scrapped hates cops, freedom, Canadian values and kittens is not going to work. said...

Police Chiefs voted unanimously to support the gun registry, 81% of RCMP officers support it, the Canadian Police Association supports it, the Canadian Association of Police Boards supports it, not to mention doctors, nurses and other public safety organizations.

Claiming every police chief is dirty is ridiculous.

As for your last statement no where did I say you hated cops, you ignore them, but you don't hate them.

Jan said...

Sharon Carstairs

"C-68 has little to do with gun control or crime control, but it is the first step necessary to begin the social re-engineering of Canada."

"— Quote by Senator Sharon Carstairs (Liberal) 1996 January 26 - 11th Annual Community Legal Education Associations (CLEA) Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Several people witnessed her saying this, but it is denied by the senator."
Be careful what you wish for. Bill C-68 (the Long Gun Registry) in 1995 gave the police for the first time, the right to enter your home without a warrant and seize your guns (private licensed property). They also do not have to return them as has happened in numerous cases to law-biding citizens. What is so objectionable is that the police still have to have a warrant to enter private property where a known criminal has an illegal weapon. Whose rights are being forfeited here?
The lobby of police chiefs are already planning to "punish" and "crack down" on any offenders who do not register their guns when the 5 year moratorium is up in Mar. 2011. And there hasn't even been a vote yet!! As I said, be careful what you wish for --when the police start setting policy for the gov't., instead of the gov't. setting law and policy for the police, that is not healthy. said...

Jan Stephen Harper himself said C-68 was for gun control and that's why he voted for it twice. The Conservative Prime Minister even said before C-68 was passed that it "could be helpful."