Saturday, November 20, 2010

Canada Contemplating 11th Province

The CBC has learned in documents obtained through an Access to Information request that the Prime Minister's Office has been in direct contact with the Premiers of several provinces in a historic attempt to garner support for the establishment of an 11th province.

Newly released documents list various emails and meetings that Prime Minister Stephen Harper had with the Premiers of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia in an attempt to convince them to support amending the Constitution of Canada in order to create a new province.

The communications from the PMO to the provinces were a necessary step in the process of amending the Constitution to incorporate another province. The Constitution states that the House of Commons, the Senate, and the legislative assemblies of two-thirds of the provinces that have at least fifty per cent of the population must agree to the establishment of any new province.

Though it is unclear whether the Premiers are on board, Stephen Harper's Director of Communications, Dimitri Soudas used persuasive arguments to rally support. Soudas in an email sent to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty argued, "The creation of this 11th province is required to recognize the thousands of Canadians who have lived and worked there for ten years and who we hope will continue to live and work there indefinitely. We seek to create a provincial government that will provide for those Canadians the basic services and necessities other Canadians enjoy."

When pressed for comment on this new potential entry into Confederation Stephen Harper told CBC news that "The federal government intends to use every power it has in order to establish this new province. Our Conservative government will not stand by as Canadians are forced to leave their homes. In order to guarantee that our men and women will never leave, we have sought support to create an 11th province, though it is most commonly known as Afghanistan, we are considering other names, like Nova Afghania, or Hamilton."

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HaHa ... you had me going right up until the end, as this is the type of trivia that Harpy loves to make his priority ... Smile !!!