Friday, November 19, 2010

The Conservative Winter

Late in the seasonal life, simple elegant beauty blankets the world. What was once diverse in colour and shape is now dulled by the limited contrast of black and white.

Such a view is welcome at first, a complicated world is made pristine and uniform, but as one passes time out in its grandeur, he or she cannot help but become cold and long for the warmth and life of yesterday.

Trudging throughout this hostile environment it can soon be uncovered that underneath this new foreboding appearance the world has donned, still lies the soil that once allowed society to prosper, that once allowed it to grow.

However under these new conditions any efforts to promote growth fail, for it is only the warmth of our nature that creates the fertile environment that enables individuals and our society to prosper.

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kirbycairo said...

But before we get to the growth and beauty of the newly awakened world we have to trudge through a lot of dirty, melting, muddy, sludge; a seemingly never-ending morass of filth that kills the weakest growth and, for a time, makes the world look as though opaque, disgusting slop is the norm.