Saturday, November 06, 2010

Defending Ignatieff By Offending You

It's not Ignatieff, it's you.

It's easy to blame a party leader, but if you believe we as individuals have any role to play in the successes of the Liberal Party then you must recognize we play a role in any of its failures. This is true of any political party but it is often ignored because people like to take the glory but never the blame.

This attitude is strengthened by a weak and often populist media. When a party's polling numbers drop reporters and pundits always point their sickly scraggly finger at the party leader. This would be completely accurate if a party only consisted of the one man or one woman, however this is clearly not the case. Parties consist of tens of thousands of spokespeople and activists that all play an important role in the success and failure of their respective party. This attitude that the polling numbers, good or bad, only reflect a leader’s actions undermines our responsibility, our power as individual agents of change.

I believe ordinary Canadians are more important than their leaders, and as such poll numbers speak more of our actions or inaction than any leader's. It's time we recognize that we as regular party members are the party; it is us in every community, it is us on every door step, it is us who vote. There is no greater or more prevalent force than the thousands and thousands of Canadians who, if mobilized, can change our country.

If we want the responsibility for victory we must take responsibility for defeat. If we want to better our country we all must take responsibility for it instead of ignoring our own potential and blaming one man or one woman.

This isn't just defending Michael Ignatieff, it's also defending all party leaders but most importantly, defending and strengthening our own ability, and responsibility, to act for the benefit of all Canadians.

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