Sunday, November 21, 2010

We're Not Going to Win Because of Michael Ignatieff

We're not going to win because of Michael Ignatieff, we're going to win because of Michael Ignatieff and all of us.

A poltical party is more than just one man, indeed it has to be for it to be successful. It is not one man who goes to every door step, it is not one man who hosts thousands of policy discussions, it is not one man who stands up and defends liberalism and everything we hold dear. It is all of us, from Michael Ignatieff to you and me, it is all of us who want a better government, it is all of us who want to change Canada.

Where some look to the Leader, we must all look to ourselves. Michael Ignatieff does lead the Liberal Party but we lead our ridings, we lead our friends, we lead our families, we lead our communities. Where there is opportunity for discussion, for social commentary, for political activism it is our job as leaders to stand up and show democracy doesn't just exist in Ottawa, it exists right here with you and me, with all of us.

As Liberals, as Canadians we always seek to improve our environment, our economy, and our society. To better our nation, Canada needs change, and that can only come from the people, from us engaging others and bringing politics to them, for them.

Change does not have one beginning, it does not have one maker, it is made from all who believe they can make a difference and decide to act, and to better our country it is our duty as Liberals to act.

Conservatives may take pride that they have a strong leader, but that is all they have. And where they have one, we have many, not just in Ottawa but across Canada. The Conservatives have one man deciding policy, we have thousands. In our democracy the Conservative Party doesn't deserve it's name for it is no party, it is but one man.

The Liberal Party is not going to win because of Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal Party is going to win because of Michael Ignatieff and all of us standing up and changing Canada.


Brian G. Rice said...

Well said.

MississaugaPeter said...
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MississaugaPeter said...

The problem is: "We may lose because of Michael Ignatieff"

When polling for the leader is significantly below that of the party, it causes folks to cast their votes elsewhere or not vote at all.

Harris-Decima revealed last week: 59 per cent of those who say they are inclined to vote Liberal think a new leader would be a good idea.

People who don't like the leader will not make phone calls, put up signs, identify voters, or show up to vote. That is why in spite of dozens of ridings near by, Ignatieff has had to offer prizes to get Liberals to volunteer to help in Vaughan for its by-election. said...

Mississauga, your comment rests on the denigration of each individual's power to influence politics. There is no leader more powerful than millions of Canadians recognizing their own ability to change our nation.

To suggest we may lose because of Michael Ignatieff is to suggest we as members, as Canadians have no power to better our country, and that is a premise I whole heartedly disagree with.

Volkov said...

Hear, hear.

MississaugaPeter said...

Unfortunately hope and idealism is replaced by reality.

Up until this past week, I hoped that by helping Ignatieff become prime minister many of my hopes and ideals for Canada would come to fruition. However, reality hit me in the face twice this week. First, when Ignatieff and Harper extended the Afghanistan mission, and second, when Ignatieff and Harper did it in such a manner that it was not even debated in Parliament.

Back to your point. I wish the masses would stir from their slumber, and hold our leaders to account (and that we worked together), but for us Canadians to change our nature one of two things must happen: 1) life must become a lot worse; or 2) we must have inspiring leadership.

Canada has had inspiring leadership in the past. One example was Lester B. Pearson who won a Nobel Peace Prize before he became prime minister. And with his minority government, he introduced universal health care, student loans, the Canada Pension Plan, the Order of Canada, and the current Canadian flag. (Thanks wiki)

Canadians yearn for that kind of innovative leadership, unfortunately they feel they have a Liberal leader who has not proven that his leadership would be much different from the status quo.

Oemissions said...

Michael Ignatieff has attempted to engage the Canadian public. It's not working.
We need a leader who people like,instantly.

Lorne said...

In my view, you underestimate the role that the leader plays in conveying the ideals of the party. I just wrote a post discussing this very issue on my blog found at said...


Ignatieff made his position on Afghanistan known since 2009 so I'm perplexed that some one up on current events did not know that.

You suggest I'm ideal but you tell me how Canadians feel. I don't dare pretend to be so knowledgeable as yourself.

If you don't agree with my post, that's sad you have become so disillusioned with the appearance of federal politics that you have ignored your ability to change it. said...


Your post is superficial and conveys to me you have no political experience whatsoever.

I live in a very Conservative riding and I meet with people regularly who don't support ignatieff, but you know who they support? Someone who listens, someone who asks for their opinion and ideas about where to lead Canada. Ignatieff can't be in every riding, and in this one I am that person when I door knock when and when I call.

Your post puts politics solely in Ottawa and that is only harmful to our democracy. You have more power than you think.

MississaugaPeter said...


Quite contrar, I still feel I can change it, the same way that you do by your writings. I wouldn't have posted a comment if I did not think it was possible. We are probably both fighting windmills, and I agree with almost all you write, but I have been aroused to write. Rightly so, things could get very nasty for poor leadership if Vaughan is lost!

CanadianSense said...

Interesting analysis. The Liberals are known for dumping their leaders with nasty infighting from Turner through to Dion.

The Liberals keep looking for PET #2.

You state a party is more than their leader and than dismiss the party beating you in EVERY metric because it only has a strong leader.

Dion was slammed for not listening, fixing the organization (balance sheet) and losing long held Liberal ridings. All in less than two years.

Ignatieff was appointed 12/10/08.

We 2/3 already with Ignatieff. On November 29 we may have 3/3.

So what so you than, back to the drawing board for Bob Rae?