Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christy Clark For BC Premier

"It's time for new leadership in this province, let's choose it, let's lead together." - Christy Clark

There's a uniting force that surpasses the left and the right, the liberal and the conservative, and that is the individual, that is each and every one of us. This is because policies and principles only matter because people matter. The causes for change are in each of us, whether we as individuals are the most efficient organizers of the economy or of social advocacy or of defending what's right. But whatever action is to be undertaken or whatever change is needed to be made, it is British Columbians who will make it, and it is with the leadership of Christy Clark that it will get done.

Christy Clark has experience, not just of being an MLA, not just of being a Deputy Premier, but as a Radio host, where she talked with people of all persuasions and opinions, not isolated in Victoria. She has spent years listening, talking, and discussing issues that are important to British Columbians, with British Columbians.

Where other candidates for the BC Liberal Leadership race have shown questionable stances, such as Kevin Falcon's position on the Carbon Tax, a tax whose revenue goes to reduce more harmful taxes, Christy Clark has stood up for pragmatism, for fiscal sense, and in the context of the Carbon Tax, to not let a better tax be lessened so worse taxes can be raised.

With years of British Columbians left unengaged, the province needs change and Christy Clark is that change of leadership within the BC Liberal Party, and we together are that change within BC. Join Christy Clark in changing BC, visit

Below are excerpts from Christy Clark's speech announcing her entrance into the BC Liberal Leadership race (You can view the videos here). It is these words, with her belief in inclusive change, that has made Christy Clark earn my endorsement.

"Now when I was an MLA I always believed that government should not represent itself to citizens, I always believed that government should be responsive to citizens; that we should flow the information up, rather than flow the information down; that an MLA's job is to represent their constituents in Victoria and not for Victoria to represent itself back in communities."

“It’s time for us to put power back in the hands of the people of British Columbia. I think it’s time for British Columbia’s government to be more open and responsive to the citizens of the province. It’s time for a vibrant debate within our political party, let’s have a political party where we can have real debates and discussions, where we can disagree and then find common ground.”

"It's time for new leadership in this province, let's choose it, let's lead together."

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