Thursday, December 30, 2010

Significance of New Years

New Years is not just another day, not just another old calendar, it is our time, it is us.

It is easy to see New Years as just another night of celebrating or perhaps even just an opportunity to go to bed early, but it is harder to see just how important New Years really is.

Before us, before people, there was no measurement of time, there were no hours, no years, no centuries. Things happened and then they didn't, and everything blended into the next. All that was, merely existed in a long continuous line with no temporal markings.

Yes the Sun still rose and set but it did not signify anything. The snow would melt, flowers would bloom, leaves would fall, and snow would return, but these changes too did not signify anything.

What brought significance to the world was us. We fragile and mortal creatures marked changes with measurements. We would not be mere continuations as everything was before; we had a beginning and we had a ending.

Each year marks a segment of change that occurs in our lives.

If the changing of years is to have no importance, if New Years is to be viewed merely as a day off, our lives will be less about the diversity each year brings, and more about the commonality in all our years.

If there is no grand separation in our minds between 2010 and 2011, or for years past or for years to come, if all we do is blow a horn at midnight, those years blend together. It will be as if our lives become one long blurred unmarked timeline, much as the world was before mankind.

New Years is important because it signifies a year's end and a new year's beginning. If we see the importance of this, our lives will not consist of just one span of value, but instead our lives will be full of years of significance.

Happy New Years

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