Sunday, January 09, 2011

Video: Kelowna RCMP Kick Unarmed Man In Face

**UPDATE: RCMP Officer most likely will be charged with assault

Buddy Tavares is released and denies initial allegation

Buddy Tavares, a 51 year-old man, while being arrested in Kelowna BC was brutally kicked in the face by RCMP Constable Geoff Mantler. The kick is described as brutal because Tavares was complying with the police, he was unarmed, and had his hands on the pavement when the RCMP officer cowardly kicked him in the head. At the end of the above video, blood is seen covering Buddy Tavares face and is pooling on the pavement.

While the RCMP are looking into the incident from accusations of excessive force, all that is currently being decided is whether the officer in question will either be suspended with or without pay.

Buddy Tavares was arrested after allegedly firing a shotgun twice into an orchard that neighboured a golf course he works at. He is employed at the Harvest Golf Course where part of his duties does include scaring geese away, he had been put on disability after he had suffered a brain injury from a motorcycle accident. Though the arresting officer Geoff Mantler did not know of Tavares' previous head trauma, I assume kicking him in the head with extreme force will not help his recovery.

I can't help but worry about what I will do if I am ever stopped by the RCMP and asked to get out of my vehicle. Can I ask to wait for more police officers? Can I ask for it to be recorded on video?

The video above shows the actions of one RCMP officer, but this was in my city, in my neighbourhood and this man was unarmed and did not provoke this kind of brutality. I cannot think about what will go through peoples' minds now when they are stopped by police. People who obey the RCMP should not have to worry about whether the police will hurt them.


Matthew said...

This cop should be fired, then thrown in jail. This is what would happen to any civilian who behaved in the same manner. Just because you have a badge and a gun does not give you the right to act as you wish without any type of accoutability. The police should be subject to the exact same laws as everyone else, somehow in Canada this has been thrown out the wondow. I do not see how this is any different than any other street gang. If the police need to be policed themselves I feel the community should be the ones to do it. If that means we get to kick a cop in the face so be it.

Brad said...

Who is to say he was un armed? The RCMP member at the time was resonding to a gun and shaots fired complaint. All he had to work from was a vehicl description and\or plate number. He would not have any information if the weapon was a rifle, shotgun, assult rifle or a hand gun tucked inside his waist band. The level of force used by this police officer was beyond excessive! there is no doubt in my mind about that. But to put myself in the police officers shoes with the infomation he had available I would have assited him to the ground until I could get some cuffs on him and give him a pat down to make sure there was no immediate threat.

Ron said...

Just another saga in the never ending thug mentallity of our blue and yellow gang. That punk cop wouldn't last a minute if he had to go against someone who wasn't on his hands and knees. Does a communist flag fly over the un-command posts the cops habitate because it sure looks that way

Robert said...

I see that the RCMP are living up to their new motto of Harassment, Intimidation and Brutality. “Administrative Leave” somehow just doesn’t seem appropriate after watching the video. The officer should be incarcerated without bail.

I guess we also remember that officers are not hired based on their brain but for their brawn. An internal investigation will just be another cover up. The taxpayer is footing the bill here and it’s the taxpayer that should be conducting the investigation.

marie said...

He was suspended with pay. This is what happens when the police force investigate themselves and they wonder why we have no respect for them.
This was no surprise because this is usually the results after every investigation they make.

Typical bull shit everytime. The only difference is same shit, different pile.

rynthia said...

He should be fired I agree, but he also should get a kick in the face the same as he administered. The man was on the ground complying - he was complying - HELLO? Innocent until proven guilty - what a farce. This man already has a brain injury and then a horrible kick in the face? This stupid bully of a cop gets away with it. I am ashamed to be Canadian. And now they are lauding a cop killed in Toronto as a hero, for stupidly trying to stop a crazy erratically driven stolen snow plow. How is he a hero? He was an idiot, and now his wife and children have no husband/dad. Now the man kicked in the face won't get anymore press as the cops milk this opportunity and try to make you forget the terrible things they do to citizens. What once was wrong is now accepted as right. I want to throw up.

marcel said...

I am very frustrated of this police man action and probably he is very happy right now suspended with pay doing nothing and getting pay WOW isn't it something, it seems like you are on holiday isn't it, we people will be trucking of the result of the investigation big time.

MediaPoet said...

I'm curious. Does the RCMP employ dash mounted video cameras like many other law enforcement? If not, I wonder, why not?

FeralCat said...

Why fear the criminals when we have the RCMP

The Searcher said...

First of all the officer was suspended with pay because as of yet he has not been found guilty of anything in a court of law so there are no grounds to suspend him without pay. Secondly, the man was kicked in the face because he was no following orders. "Lay down on the ground" does not mean get on your hands and knees. This officer was responding to a "shots fired" call! His number one priority is his own safety, the safety of his fellow officers and the safety of the people in the area. The suspect should be thanking the officer, kicking him in the face was a much better use of force option than using his baton, tazer, or fire arm! These officers had no way of knowing whether this man was armed or not, and he was not complying with orders. The officer was fully justified in his actions and if he is found guilty of excessive for it will be for purely political reasons.

T said...

What we need in an independent commission in B.C. to investigate incidents of police brutality and violence. Cops investigating other cops should NOT be permitted. There's too much conflict of interest. Look at what happened with the Ian Bush case in Houston. The cop who murdered Ian is still with the RCMP.

The only reason we even know about many of the latest incidents is that people have recorded what happened with cameras or iPhones. For the RCMP, violence by officers seems to be business as usual. Not all cops are bad but there are few repercussions for those who abuse civilians.