Monday, January 17, 2011

Vote For The Next BC Premier

If you want to have a Premier that represents you, here is your opportunity. On February 26th there will be a vote on the next BC Liberal Leader and Premier of our province. Now whether you agree with the BC Liberals or not, they will be in power for the next three years, so if you want a say on who our Premier is, here is a chance to change the direction of the party and our province by joining the BC Liberals and choosing the next Premier.

It is a leadership vote so there will only be approximately 50,000 votes cast, which isn't that large. To have a powerful vote to change our province and elect a new Premier, you can join the BC Liberals (click here), it is $5 for youth (14-25) and $10 for regular members. You must sign up by February 4th and the vote on the 26th will be done online or by phone.

Of the six candidates running to be Leader and Premier, Christy Clark is the only candidate that was outside of the party and brings real change. Though she has been Deputy Premier and Education minister, she left government in 2005 and hosted a radio talk show where she listened and talked with regular British Columbians. She wants change but needs you support. The party and province won't change unless you join and help make it happen.

I hope you can help in changing the leadership of the BC Liberals and changing BC by joining the party to have your voice heard and to help ensure Christy Clark becomes the next premier of our province.

It is participating in this race that regular people like you and me can really make a big impact on our province and we will make a difference with Christy Clark in leading our province for the better.


ridenrain said...

Big suprise.
Federal Liberal votes for federal Liberal. said...

Riden, Stephen Harper with his past membership with the Federal Liberals has more of a bond with the Federal Liberals than Chisty Clark.

ridenrain said...

Christy has plenty of supporters from the Federal Liberals, be they friends associates or ex-husbands.

Can you name any Liberals who still support Harper? said...

Christy can't control who supports her and Harper gets votes from people who have voted Liberal before, that means absolutely nothing.

Christy and Harper both though can control what parties they sign up to, and oddly enough Harper has been a federal liberal and Christy never has.