Monday, April 18, 2011

Stephen Harper: Rightest of the Right

Stephen Harper is so conservative he makes Joe Clark and Brian Mulroney look like the NDP, and that's according to Stephen Harper. I guess that's why he wants a majority.

In a February 1994 Globe and Mail article titled Neo-Cons: Young Bucks of the New Right journalist Miro Cerntig brings to light an important aspect of an at-the-time rising star Stephen Harper; that not only is he a neo-conservative, but he is a staunch neo-conservative.

Throughout the article Miro analyzes the future of neo-conservatism both in ideology and of its future leaders; one of those leaders is Stephen Harper.

Within the portion on the future Conservative Prime Minister, Harper is likened as one of the strongest conservative ideologues, surpassing Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney, and Preston Manning. Stephen Harper is credited with believing that as of 1994, Canada "has yet to experience a conservative government"; that the progressive conservative governments of Joe Clark and Brian Mulroney in actuality were anti-conservative and acted to suppress the conservative ideology. Stephen Harper is quoted as saying:

"To me, the government was in effect suppressing conservatism because it was in power...True conservatives were reduced to silence, arguing behind closed doors. The federal Progressive Conservative Party was ideologically centrist and ideologically anti-conservative."
Considering while in office Brian Mulroney privatized over a third of Crown corporations, ratified NAFTA, implemented the GST, and supported the first Gulf War, I find it disturbing to think that Stephen Harper believes Mulroney was not only centrist but anti-conservative. If what Mulroney accomplished was centrist and anti-conservative, I would hate to witness what Harper believes is really conservatism and what a Conservative majority under him would do.

In comparison to his own Reform Party leader Preston Manning, Stephen Harper is described as a more 'muscular conservative,' as one more weighted strictly in conservative values. Where Preston Manning sought a balanced approach to the Reform Party, it was Stephen Harper who sought for only the strongest of right wings. Journalist Miro Cerntig continues:
Within Reform circles, Mr. Harper is viewed as the keeper of the neo-con flame, even more so than its leader. While Mr. Manning has tried to moderate his party's image, once even likening it to a hockey team that needs a left wing, a right wing and a centre. Mr. Harper is known for his muscular conservatism. He is unquestionably set to be a powerbroker on the right flank of Reform."
The most prevailing and impressing theme of this article is how conservative Stephen Harper truly is. That he is so conservative that by his own words Clark and Mulroney not only don't compare, but that they were centrist and anti-conservative by his view. Even Preston Manning, the Reform Party leader is suggested to be more moderate then Stephen Harper.

In reviewing these past articles pertaining to Stephen Harper I am more solidified in my opposition to the man who is more conservative than anyone gives him credit for.


In case anyone is interested in the other 'up and coming' neo-cons that are mentioned in the first page of the story like Ezra Levant and Andrew Coyne, click on the picture on the right

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