Monday, May 23, 2011

Liberals & Separatism

It is not the time for the Liberal Party to unite with separatists; it is the time to recognize that we as a party, and as a country, already have. Canadians are all united in the belief that democratic principles are of the highest importance in determining the future of our country, such principles underpinned the referendums on separation and subsequent rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada and legislation by Parliament. At this time of the creation of a New Liberal Party, a new recognition must be made, and that is democratic principles unite us all, and must be advanced for us all. It is on this foundation that a New Liberal Party must promote a referendum on Quebec separation if the people of Quebec make it clear that they want one.

For some time the Liberal Party, all parties, and all Canadians have united with separatists, we have become united in our belief that democracy is supreme, that it is the final arbiter. Without this belief Quebec could have separated after its two failed referendums and perhaps even done so violently, it didn't because it values democracy, clearly more so than separation. Canada demonstrated this belief of the supremacy of democracy by recognizing the referendums of 1980 and 1995, in the Supreme Court of Canada’s opinion in Reference re Secession of Quebec and in the Clarity Act, legislation passed by Parliament. It is this belief in democratic principles that separatists, federalists, and we all share and have so highly prioritized that has made our country great.

We must recognize that all Canadians are united with separatists through the democratic principles that we all value and that we all submit to. If we fully recognize this, New Liberals have an opportunity to empower not just separatists, but federalists and all Canadians. The New Liberal Party must look to protect and promote democratic rights, of those for Quebec separation, for those against, and for all others. If we recognize that it is democracy that unites us all, just like the principles of this great country, we can never be wrong.

Within the New Liberal organization debate should be promoted between federalists and separatists, but it must be made clear that if the people of Quebec want a referendum on separation, it is the people of Quebec who will decide the outcome. The New Liberal Party must accommodate separatists because the Party is bigger than a vote for separation, the Party is bigger than a vote for the status quo; the New Liberal Party must represent the democratic principles that underpin them all.

This is not a time for Liberals to unite with separatists, because we already have, now is the time to recognize that it is our highest principles that bond us, and those same principles impose on us the responsibility to give Quebeckers a choice, and we must promote the democratic process if they want a referendum.

There was always a union between separatists and federalists, it is based on our democratic principles, the New Liberal Party can be the party of that union, it just has to recognize it.


Volkov said...

Uh..... last time I checked, Liberals did recognize Quebec's democratic right to separate. It's the only way we've ever had the ability to talk on the matter without killing each other over the last few decades.

So, if everyone has this mutual recognition, what, exactly, is the purpose here? To say that a "New" Liberal Party will do exactly what the old one, and all other parties, do? said...

Volkov, I don't think you fully read my post. "a New Liberal Party must promote a referendum on Quebec separation if the people of Quebec make it clear that they want one" is not a position held be any of the federalist parties.