Monday, June 27, 2011

Changing Public Opinion By Making It Right

Out from under the dark and vague misguided tendencies of tolerance and pluralism, popular opinion must be dragged, to be viewed in its proper place within human affairs.

Too often has the opinion of the majority been held as an unalterable conclusion when it is in reality a mere premise. In our society, our democratic tendencies lead us to assume as much, however such assumptions are the enemy of political change, of political innovation. Canada will not change because of polls, it will change because of Canadians determined to change them. For real change in Canada to be ushered in, popular opinion must not be seen as the determiner of political action, but as political action's goal.

To put the case more illustratively, popular opinion is not like the vase, but the sculptor's clay; popular opinion is not like the table, but the carpenter's lumber. It is through the action of the craftsman that what was once base, becomes ideal; that what was once naturally simple and raw becomes socially valuable and useful. It is in this light that popular opinion must be viewed; popular opinion is not what is right, but what can be right through human action, through political action.

Political parties in Canada and in other countries have constantly relented position after position to what is popular and not what is right; choosing the easy and quick over the hard and slow. Where popular opinion is against them, instead of going out to the public to engage them in the process of political activation where discussion, debates, information dissemination, door knocking and the like occur, parties abandon their policies merely to adopt the majority's view in policy form. Instead of working to achieve change, political parties in Canada are working to achieve popularity.

Parties have forgotten that it is their job to lead, to go forth, to compete amongst each other to convince the public that their policies are the right ones. Through political activation public opinion must be crafted, the design changed, and in the end, the country will not be what it is, but what it should be, a country where what is right and what is popular, are one and the same.

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