Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go Canucks Go

The riots in Vancouver are not caused by animals, they're caused by people like me.

I think I was too into the Canucks this season, I say that not because they lost, but because how I lost. I didn't lose a bet with a lot of money on the line, I didn't lose with bad sportsmanship, I lost with my head hung low, with a sad, sad feeling in my gut. I lost like I lost. I lost like it was a personal loss, as if I was a Canuck, as if I went three periods and I let myself down. The people rioting in Vancouver, I don't know how many or to what extent because it's early, but those flipping over cars, lighting fires, and breaking windows, they're not animals, they're people like me, people who don't see it's just a game.

The rioters are wrong for what they've done, but they're not evil, they're not vengeful, they just didn't see what those Canucks' fans watching tv saw, what those Canucks' fans in Rogers Arena did. For as the game ended and a Canucks lost was solidified, the 170,000 fans outside the arena in downtown Vancouver began to turn their backs to the closing moments of the playoffs, they missed something that was bigger than any game, that was bigger than any trophy.

Now I can only imagine what some of those rioters felt, like the loss was a personal defeat, a personal defeat they had no control over, a personal defeat that had become way too personal. But as they bore their knuckles, lit matches, and found rocks, they did not hear what I heard, they did not look up when I looked up. For as Boston celeberated on the ice and our boys sat demoralized in our box, those out on the streets did not hear the rumbling, the movement of Vancouver fans inside our most hallowed building.

While the tv cameras panned our players, recording how sunken were the eyes of the Sedin twins from dehydration, how crushed Kesler's spirit was, and how heavy Luongo's shoulders were from a city resting on them, I was forced to look up. I looked up, because here at this lowest moment, when the game of all games was lost, when I thought a whole season had been for nothing, I looked up to see thousands of Canucks fans inside the arena on their feet, looking down at their defeated heroes chanting, "Go Canucks Go".

Some may say it doesn't matter whether the Canucks won or lost, it's that we made it to the playoffs that we should all be proud of, but I disagree, hockey is about winning or losing. Last night's Game 7 wasn't about getting there, it was about winning or losing, but Game 7 is just that, a game. Hockey is itself about winning or losing, life is what comes after. Life is about standing there after a loss and being proud of your team, of standing there when your team feels worse than you do, and chanting, "Go Canucks Go".

Seeing those fans inside the arena made me realize how wrong I was in putting so much into a game and not enough into my team. I wish those outside the arena had learned the same lesson.


The Mound of Sound said...

Are you out of your f'ing mind, Scott? You identify with those miscreants? They are you?

Time, sonny, you let the wind out of your sails and stopped yammering to hear yourself harp.

Sean Cummings said...

>>The rioters are wrong for what they've done, but they're not evil, they're not vengeful, they just didn't see what those Canucks' fans watching tv saw, what those Canucks' fans in Rogers Arena did.<<

No, Scott. They're most definitely evil. said...

Mound of Sound, yes, literally. I have had my scientists working around the clock to make me able to be multiple people simultaneously. Last night was the culmination of my life's dream and I decided to use this revolutionary technology by becoming Canuck rioters.

Mound of Sound I'm a Canucks fan, the rioters were Canucks fans. I took it way too personally, they took it way too personally. I obviously didn't riot and I condemned the rioters actions.

Your comment is an exaggeration, sensationalistic, and an abuse of logic. said...

Sean Cummings, I didn't see things that way, you're clearly right.

Now that I think about it there's Bundy, Manson, & Canucks' fans rioters.

Sean Cummings said...

You're young. You'll figure it out one day. said...

Sean, isn't that the argument Newton used for Gravity? Your level of intelligence must only come with your advanced years.

Sean Cummings said...

Seriously, Scott - after a blog posting like this, I wouldn't trust you to vacuum my rug.

John Prince said...

Excellent post which I will share with my bloggers. Thank you for saying what many of us should have been thinking... especially those rioters who spoiled it all for everyone.

Khristopher said...

I quite enjoyed this post. Not sure how you associate evil with riots. It's like associating horses to cows, just because they're an animal doesn't make them equal to each other.

Remember it's just a game and to get worked up over a blog post on the game that we love, it's like CBC saying the riots were "Apocolyptic" in nature. Your only sensationalizing for others to stretch the truth of what actually happened.