Sunday, June 05, 2011

It's Not Brigette DePape, It's Our MPs

Can you believe there was someone in Parliament who acted rude? That a person would interrupt everything and everyone to grandstand? Can you imagine that? How juvenile does a person have to be to do that? We should all be outraged over such disgusting behaviour, but we're not, because that happens every Question Period.

Yes in our most sacred offices of government we permit Members of Parliament to call each other names, yell, forge documents, make derogatory comments, lie, bang their fists on tables and throw things. Outside of Parliament we don't mind when they cheat on their spouses, do hard drugs, or visit prostitutes, in fact we still ironically call these officers of our government honourable. But it's when Brigette DePape, a 21 year old, protests in the Senate that we judge, call names, support dismissal and sensationalize the whole affair.

People have called Brigette DePape's actions stupid, dumb, disgusting, and dishonourable, pointing to the inappropriateness of her actions during a Throne Speech, yet those same people ignore the far worse actions performed on a far more regular basis by higher officials in those very same buildings. In Question Period MPs act within a narrow spectrum ranging from "rude child" to "insolent demeaning juvenile". Our MPs of all stripes lie about issues both minor and major. Our MPs have manipulated documents and withheld information. When one considers that our highest elected officials disgrace Parliament regularly it's clear outrage over Brigette DePape's actions is misguided.

In seeing so many people judge DePape, one cannot help but wonder where is that judgment for those who deserve it far more, our MPs. How is it that we condone our supposed noble MPs acting in the most disgraceful manner, not to mention their extramarital affairs, hard drugs and use of prostitutes, but we condemn one young page who protested, in albeit an inappropriate setting?

People may judge Brigette DePape for dishonouring Parliament, but then what is be done to our MPs?


John Prince said...

Brigette is real HERO who in a selfless act said and did more in a 20 second silent protest than most of those 'honourable' members in parliament will ever hope to accomplish in their next four years of desk pounding and grandstanding, all the while sucking the public teet for all it is worth at our expense.

WesternGrit said...

And that's why several of those MPs were irked. It was a protest in the vein of all protests past: Deemed inappropriate by the majority; considered offensive by some; stole the limelight from some other office/function/event;

If we all think back to the fact that we have no "marching issues" anymore (Vietnam war, women's rights, civil rights, etc.), we realize that we've actually WANTED our youth to have cajones like this.

It's about bloody time.