Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Liberals Need To Take A Risk

The Liberal Party doesn't need a revolution, it needs leaders to lead one.

The Party is nothing but people, and it's people are leaderless, not because there is only an interim leader, but because they themselves are too afraid to be leaders. They are too afraid to take risks to act to create a party they want, policies they want, and a country they want. Not with direction from some Ottawa source, but with direction from their own source.

Risk is so much as needed now for Liberals as it has ever been for those daring to achieve something great. The future is unknown, nothing is for certain, and any action might be for naught. For an ordinary Liberal member to form a community group, there is no assurance that it will be time best spent. For a member to run as a candidate, there is no assurance that the nomination will be won. Yet these things, and more, that are so critical to the Party, they cannot be done by the Party, they must be done by members who are willing to take a risk. And that's what the Party needs, members who will take a risk.

The Party like our country should not take risks, but our people should. Through members acting on their own in their own unique circumstances, region, and community, in acting how they see fit to achieve change, the best methods, the best policies, and the best leaders can be discovered.

It is only in taking risks that people become heroes, courage is exemplified, and history is made. Yes there are times when individuals fail, but through the life of our Party the successes of our few have redeemed, have overcome the defeats of our many.

There have been countless policy drafters who failed to see their vision adopted, many nomination candidates who have not represented the party, and more than a few potential Leaders who never won the title. But in all of this, in all of this defeat, the successes of Laurier, of Pearson, of Trudeau, of Chretien, in all of their success, in all the change that has made Canada so great, lies the success of our party and it is that which makes the risk that so many members faced and lost, worth it.

The Liberal Party does not need to take a risk, the Liberal Party needs party members who will.

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