Saturday, June 18, 2011

NDP To Remove Socialism From Constitution Tweets

I did an abnormal amount of tweets about the New Democratic Party possibly removing socialist references from their constitution, and much like a lazy online news source I thought I'd repost them here as if they could substitute for new material.

NDP get full Marx for being Socialist for as long as they were but how about Lenin the Liberals some votes?

Knock knock. Who's there? NDP Orange. NDP Orange who? NDP, Orange you glad we're not socialist anymore?

NDP to take socialism out of their constitution, apparently some principles are more equal than others

Yakov Smirnoff on NDP Convention: "In Soviet Russia, Socialism takes you out of the Constitution"

Smart for NDP to get rid of socialist principles especially when they have so many others... Like.. Like the one with the mustache

NDP are having a sale at their Convention, anything with a "Red" tag must go

NDP to vote out principles of socialism from party but not 50 year old "New" in its name. NDP is officially ready to govern

NDP meeting in Vancity today, the party will find it's hard taking out socialism, it always expects you to pay

NDP to hold hearing on unCanadian activities. Their Constitution must renounce socialism & inform on others or be blacklisted

NDP to axe socialism. Its not that its not socialst, its just no longer making profit off of it &needs to expand into other markets

NDP to take out the socialism from its Constitution, consequently, there now will be nothing "left"

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