Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nothing Is Foreign To The Universe

There are creatures that live on a planet that originated thousand of light years away but you and I do not call them alien. There are strange beings that survive on a rock composed of particles from the edge of the universe, but we have known of their existence for millennia. There are humans who were born on land that came from another galaxy, but we do not refuse them healthcare. The planet previously mentioned is composed of atoms, particles, meteorites, and parts of other celestial bodies from all across the universe; we know it better by its proper name, Earth.

We temporary beings define our planet as a local sphere, a purely domestic region, having the gall to call it ours while anything outside its also temporary borders is foreign and alien, completely disregarding those regions are from where our planet originated.

When the human race passes, the Earth will not have to wait to degenerate to celestial dust to return to its foreign natural state where it is not isolated from the cosmos through arbitrary delineation of natural or alien, the disappearance of humans will already have done that. For what is foreign or alien is not determined by the universe, it is determined by us, and is as temporary as us.

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