Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Sign of Democracy

During an election there may be one name on each campaign sign that litters a street, but those signs stand for all of us.

When it comes to vote, we may grow weary of all the brochures, of all knocks on our doors, and of all the politics; but we must remember, every sign put up at two in the morning, every kilometre walked in travelling from home to home, and every moment a candidate spent campaigning instead of having a rest is all for us, is all for our country.

It is easy to be critical, to see all the painted plastic as self-interested indulgence of a few people who only want to get elected, but we shouldn’t forget that every sign is meant for us, is meant to inspire us to think about who is best to lead our municipality, province or country.

Campaign signs are not made to hang in the most expensive restaurants or the most luxorious club houses, they are made for the street, for the public venues. Campaign signs do not exist for the rich or the powerful, they exist for you and me, they exist for all to see. They like democracy are not pretty, subtle or orderly, but like democracy they cannot and should not be any other way.

Campaign signs may clog the sides of our roads, but they are there for everyone to see, and it is in each election that everyone is exactly who should matter.

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