Friday, December 09, 2011

The Great Liberal Difference

Having the luxury of being in government for so long allowed Liberals to think they were special, that there were huge differences between them and other parties, well there aren't and they should stop thinking there are.

Yes there are differences between all the parties, but they are far less severe than partisans on either side realize. To perpetuate the belief that Liberals differ greatly from the Conservatives or the NDP is to perpetuate the current political landscape, and our disadvantage.

The fact is Canadians support the Conservatives, they do so by not supporting their party constitution or by paying membership dues, Canadians support the Conservatives because they are perceived to be tough on crime, good with the economy and strong on other important issues.

Liberal partisans can surrender being tough on crime to the Conservatives, but they do so falsely and based on the distorted arrogance that only comes from being in government for too long and for not being in government for too little.

For years Liberals were insulated from any real threat, and continued victories were not looked upon as being caused by a weak opposition but instead caused by Canadians becoming more and more Liberal. This was a distortion of reality, history shows populations do not change so quickly to adopt party ideologies wholesale and, indeed especially in Canada, moderation lasts longer than any parliament.

The fact that a population`s opinion is not shaped in a short time by the government in power was lost on the Liberals, and instead arrogantly believed they were successful because it was some intrinsic quality they, and only they, possessed.

Now in third place, having suffered defeat multiple times, Liberals still suffering from hubris, look for that mysterious lost quality that they owe their past success to. Like superstitious pagans they try to find that magical kind of liberalism of yesteryear that will finally win over the masses, that will convert them once again to the party of McKenzie King and Trudeau.

The search will be in vain, Liberals will not find that intrinsic quality within liberalism that will have soccer moms, university students, and retirees returning to the ideology of the promise land, because that quality never existed. What does exist is the wants of Canadians to have a strong government that will crack down on crime, that will improve our economy, and that won`t tax them to death.

It may sound Conservative, and it does, but just as Conservatives sounded Liberal in 2006, Liberals sounded Conservative in 1993, and so on and so on, contrary to what arrogant partisans believe, there are little differences between our parties.

No one can deny that there are differences between political parties in Canada, but as they all seek the votes of one unchanging moderate people, Liberals must recognize these differences cannot be great or unyielding.

Liberals will not form government because they emphasize huge differences between them and more successful parties; Liberals will form government when they realize those differences are small, and the Canadian public is all that matters.


Tomm said...

If guys like you had made thoughts like this public in 2006, the future would be different today.

The arrogance was (and is) an invisible millstone around the parties neck.

Tomm said...

If guys like you had made thoughts like this public in 2006, the future would be different today.

The arrogance was (and is) an invisible millstone around the parties neck.

wilson said...

It's really scary when a Liberal gets it.