Saturday, January 21, 2012

Canadian Pride

Canada has the best government, the best history, and the best culture, but what makes me proudest to be Canadian, is not the democracy, not the tolerance and diversity, not the public health care, nothing, absolutely nothing makes me prouder to be Canadian than the Canadians who believe they can change all of that for the better.

Responsible government does not just denote prudence, it is the greatest democratic principle a country could adhere itself to; where instead of being accountable to the people once in every four years, our government is and must be accountable to them every day. Though I would fight for that democracy, though it fills me with pride to know our country believes in democracy that much, it and voting rests on Canadians believing they can make a difference and without it we would be nothing.

The history of Canada is great, it's great because it starts with our first peoples, the aboriginals that gave our nation its name and the aboriginals that fought in battles that shaped our nation from the Plains of Abraham to the War of 1812 to the Red River Rebellion. Our history is great from the external forces that coalesced a people to stand on their own and create an identity built on globalization. Our history is great from the compromisers of John A. McDonald, Darcy McGee, Wilfred Laurier, Robert Borden, and William Lyon McKenzie King. Our history is great as it influences our current actions, but it is also meaningless without those same actions, and those rest on Canadians who believe they can make a difference.

Canada could have been created out of defeat, it could have been founded by men of disrepute, it could have been a dictatorship, we could be poor, we could be hungry, we could be lost, but I would be just as proud of our nation, if our people were as determined as they are now to make it better.

From over hearing teenagers talk about politics, to seeing a lone protester in front of a government building, to seeing hundreds of Canadians at a rally, or just a few talk about policy, nothing makes me prouder of Canada than other Canadians believing they can change it.

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Rural said...

Indeed Canada has much to be proud of...... recent history perhaps not so much? Those who are indeed trying to change things excepted!

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